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  1. Since we cannot cruise for the time being, I thought it might be nice to share some of our favorite photos or a little story of a favorite memory or even a funny memory onboard a cruise you took! It would help us to bring good memories here and smile about past cruises! Until we all can cruise again, let's share our favorite photos, memories and funny moments from onboard! It will be like we are all on the cruises together!!! Bon Voyage! 🌊🌊🚢🚢💙💙
  2. I hope they do use some as hospital ships to isolate and quarantine COVID19 patients from regular hospital patients! Other than that, many cruise ships were looking a little ragged and like they needed some TLC! Maybe they could dry-dock some of these ships and fix what needs fixing! New drapes, mattresses, and fixing the plumbing and air conditioning! There are lots of ships that have issues that need to be addressed, painting, dealing with rust on the outside, etc., etc......There are lots of ships that need to be cleaned and fixed up! 👍👍
  3. I look forward to a time when I can be back on a ship! I miss it so much! It will take a long time, maybe a year or longer, but someday we will cruise again!!!! 🙏🙏💙💙🚢🚢🌊🌊
  4. ava79 I am no doctor or nurse either, but having studied microbiology gives me a different outlook on how to stop something so vurulent! These measures should have been take a month ago, but no one did anything about it! All we got was that "it was not so bad and would disappear", and "it was hoax by the Democrats" for several weeks, when the administration with all the authority could have been doing what Roosevelt did in WW Two. Factories could have been ordered to be re-tooled back then to start making masks, PPE and ventilators and anything else needed. I was thinking of this s
  5. Actually, SARS is far more dangerous than COVID-19. The death rate for SARS is much higher, 10% in younger people and as high as 50% in older people and those with underlying health issues and the immuno-compromised individuals. It is far more pathogenic, causing a much more serious disease! If SARS were circulating right now, the death toll would be much, much higher! COVID-19, as per the current research, which is fluid, changing as the Pandemic progresses, the death rate can be Zero in healthy and younger people, and up to 3 or 4 % in older individuals and those with underlyin
  6. Wrong! The Coronavirus is NOT an Influenza virus at all! They are completely different pathogens! I have studied microbiology and pathogens and Coronavirus does NOT cause the "flu"!!! There are a couple of more mild Coronavuruses that do cause the common cold, BUT most of the colds we get are caused by Rhinoviruses! They may have similar symptoms when they infect a person and cause disease, but they are totally different microbes! Influenza viruses look completely different than Coronaviruses! They are not at all the same, only in that they both cause respiratory illness.
  7. I did NOT say to take ALL the patients with Coronavirus in the country to the ships! That is logistically impossible and it IS better to keep these patients closer to their homes! However, I don't know if you have followed the news in Italy, but families of a person with Coronavirus in hospitals CANNOT visit their loved ones, because their are not enough masks and gowns to give to family members to protect them to visit! There is a shortage everywhere, so families cannot visit anyway! Quarantining at home with a positive person will result in anyone living in that home to be expos
  8. There are ways the Army Corp of Engineers can rig out the cruise ships for hospital use. They can set up equipment that will bring the necessary power and electricity to the ship's at the docks Right put NON Coronavirus patients in the ship's with hospital staff and equipment OR use the ship's ONLY for Coronavirus to keep them isolated! I know the Army Corp can set up generators and anything the ship needs to sustain life saving equipment such as ventilators, and any other equipment! They can pull up the carpet and use the metal floors for easier wash-down! It CAN be
  9. if they are using them JUST for Coronavirus cases, then it would be a terrific idea! Keep all the Coronavirus cases together and separate from the regular hospital patients with other issues and surgeries! It is a great idea to isolate Coronavirus to ONE place, rather than mix Coronavirus patients insu inside a hospital with other patients! They can dig out the rooms with any medical equipment they need to! It's a great idea and should be instituted as soon as possible!!!
  10. This is an excellent idea! I hope they get them set up ASAP, like yesterday!!! The sooner, the better! Using the ships will keep all Coronavirus patients together and will streamline treatment! GET IT DONE!!!! NOW!!! 👍👍
  11. "Plus, during the Summer months the Coronavirus is supposed to deescilate."(de-escalate) Where did this information come from? Who says it is supposed to de-escalate? If it is the experts, they are making best case scenario guesses! They are being optimistic! This virus will run its own course until it's done if we have not found a way to de-escalate it! There are NO drugs or vaccine possibility for 1 year to more likely 18 months. The testing, self-isolation and quarantine will help with de-escalation and I hope it works! So, we HAVE to do the self-isolation and q
  12. I wouldn't count on it! This thing could go on for several more months, into Summer and even early Fall! We have a South Pacific cruise for November and we aren't sure they will even be going then! We are taking a "wait and see" outlook...This pandemic is not something that just....POOF! Is going to go away one day...It is a serious virus and having the entire world affected and essentially shut down for what could be longer than 2-4 weeks is serious business! I would like to be optimistic, but I have studied microbiology and pathogy, and these things can have secondary waves or
  13. Beautiful photos of what it looks like here!! Yep! It was 15 degrees Fahrenheit this morning! The sun is out now and the snow is melting and we are just taking it one day at a time! I miss the ocean! But it will be there when this passes! It is surreal! I keep in mind that we are all in this together and we WILL get through this! Stay safe and well, fellow cruisers!!! 🙏🙏💙💙 I am waving 🌊🌊🌊🌊 at you from North Denver!! 😁😁 Sea " ya back on the ship's 🚢🚢 when we can cruise again! 💙💜💛💚💖
  14. . Sorry to inform you, Omax, but this virus is NOT EXACTLY like the flu! There are vaccines for the flu! None for Coronavirus. If someone infected passes it to someone with immunity problems, lung or any respiratory issues or the elderly, they could be be getting a death sentence! This is NOT the flu! Do not delude yourself into thinking that way. We are all responsible to each other to keep from exposing each other! Listen to what the Health Officials say and do it! You may save your own life or the life of someone else! This is a true world pandemic! What part of tha
  15. Yes, I will....We have only gotten short messages, he is still not positive for Corona....but no other news about what they are doing onboard I will try to email him tomorrow....Hubby and he usually just text quick messages....I will let him now that there are many people who are holding the crew in their hearts and praying for them....🙏🙏💙💙
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