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  1. I booked two weeks ago for a party of 8 on the Magic in December. I was on my laptop and it wanted me to pay the money up front through the website. I went to the mobile website on my phone and it just wanted my information (the old way). I did this and got a confirmation email later in the day without having to pay up front. I have noticed that the mobile site has changed in the past week so not sure if this would still be a viable work around.
  2. We did it twice. First time was great, second time was terrible. We’ll be doing the fillet from now on.
  3. Another vote for the Holiday Inn and Bayside Market Place. Always have a great time there.
  4. Thanks for the review. Sailed on the magic our last 2 cruises, and have 2 more booked on her. Always book for the itinerary, not the ship, but somehow keep finding our way back to her.
  5. My family was sailing on the Magic for the December 2nd sailing. We had FTTF and went straight to our rooms where our cards were already in the boxes awaiting our arrival. We had no issues with our cards. However, upon opening the envelopes we discovered that there was an additional card belonging to a gentleman that we did not know. We went to the first carnival employee we could find (an assistant cleaning rooms) and were told to take the wrong card to guest services at our convenience. We did so, but sucked that we had to stand in line to return a card that we had nothing to do with back to guest services on embarkation day. I'm sure that the gentleman whose card we had also had to jump through a few hoops to get his card. The point of this post is it's not a perfect process. We did our part by approaching a Carnival employee about the mistake. They did not take the card. Instead they directed us to guest services. Not a huge deal but when you pay decent money for a vacation, its not exactly fun to take time out of it for someone you don't know. Also, it was a bit unnerving that the employee told us to hang on to a card that didn't belong to us.
  6. On our last cruise, there was a table set up on embarkation day inside the doors just before you walk out into the pool area of the lido deck.
  7. Awesome! On the ship in a couple of weeks. Anxious to read you review. I’ll be following along!
  8. We'll be taking our family vacation on the Magic in a couple months. Looking forward to the rest of your review. Thanks
  9. Haha. Yep. We stayed in the same room in 2013. It was our first lido balcony. Loved the location, but the noise was awful. My family was in the room next door and it wasn’t nearly as bad even though it was next to us. We learned our lesson too :)
  10. A quick word of warning for those who book lido balcony rooms on conquest class ships. If you look at a photo of the exterior of the ship, you’ll notice an area above the lido balconies that’s painted blue and red. The red section of paint hides an air inlet, or exhaust port (I’m not sure which for certain) and it’s extremely noisy. It completely covers up the sound of the ship moving thru the water. We still enjoyed the cruise, but I missed not hearing the water.
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