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  1. Dear Guest, The past year has been challenging, but we’re getting ready for our Royal Comeback. Over the last 12 months, we’ve worked around the clock preparing for our return. We’ve spent countless hours hyper-focused on developing new protocols and procedures, scheduling new itineraries, and adjusting and evolving our plans. While we’ve been getting ready, there is still significant uncertainty surrounding resuming operations globally. But, some regions and ports are starting to welcome back travelers and encouraging cruising. Our most recent plan for Anthem of the Seas was to sail from Southampton offering European itineraries. However, as travel requirements throughout most of Europe are still unconfirmed, we’ve made the difficult decision to re-debut Anthem of the Seas in Southampton, exclusively for residents of the United Kingdom, offering Ocean Getaways and British Isles itineraries. As a result, your sailing will unfortunately be cancelled. We know how much time and effort go into planning your vacation and apologize for the impact to your cruise. Our primary goal continues to be a seamless and healthy return to service. We’ve teamed up and have assembled the “Healthy Sail Panel” - a multifaceted team of globally recognized experts - who is working closely with governments and leading health authorities worldwide to pioneer innovative ways to guide the cruise industry’s path forward in response to the pandemic. It goes without saying, we’re all in this together. While we are sorry your original sailing will not happen, maybe you can join us on one of our new sailings! And we do have some options for you, including one that has been very well received by our guests, as it provides a little something extra to use once you can rejoin us!
  2. The Man on the phone was great , at first he couldn't figure out why there was no cabins to move us to that connected (he was looking under the original category) I explained it might be because the connecting rooms had been recategorised and then he realised they had and found us some.. was really easy . I was only waiting 5 mins for them to pick up the phone so I would recommend calling them.
  3. Success! Lifted and shifted , very happy 🙂
  4. I am on the line now, looks positive so far. I tried the online, but couldn't select cabins and we have connected so didn't want to lose them. the other issue seems to be that RCI have recategorised the connected cabins, so technically we are moving to a different category! Got through in 15 mins, but now been on hold a while why he tries to sort it.. fingers crossed its looking good so far!
  5. not sure if this will work anyway. the original is Anthem out of southampton 16th August 14 nights italian Med the only one that is the same length (14 days in July or Aug 2021) is a 14 Night Med beaches. Its very similar to the original but a few ports are different -- reading the email again it seems the itinerary has to to be the same, the problem is that there isn't a matching itinerary ?
  6. Before I spend hours on the phone I wonder if you could help me. Our August 2020 has obviously been cancelled, and yesterday we got the official email. I was going to cancel and get the money back, but noticed an offer of Lift & Shift. We got a great price this year as we booked during the pandemic as a gamble, our cabins for the 2 weeks came to £6400 , the exact same 2 week cruise next year for the same cabins and people is £13,500 !! (summer holidays) From what I can read , it looks like we can move to this sailing for the same price we paid of £6400? I guess it seems to good to be true , so rather than wait on hold for hours to find out I thought you knowedlegable people who usually know more than the call centre staff might be able to help. Because if this isn't the case its easier just to apply for the refund online, but with the lift and shift I need to call them I think
  7. Stayed in the same Cabin on IOS twice, think its the same. its an awesome cabin and would book again in a heartbeat ! Sperate bedroom, separate lounge and a separate little room with 2 bunks in it. its fabulous for an ocean view!
  8. As soon as I get confirmation ours has cancelled I am asking for the refund. The prices for next year are ridiculous, especially for the UK. they are giving people an extra 25% and hiking the price by a lot more.
  9. Yes, been monitoring very closely, only problem we have is we in the UK so we need the US to let us in and Virgin to still be flying 🙂
  10. Anthem was due a dry dock before starting from Southampton, and if memory serves me correctly it was the mandatory 5 year one which I assume she must be having . So I would guess that's where she is heading , maybe Cadiz. With so many cruises pulled from the website at once I am pretty sure they are cancelled, I do genuinely hope I am wrong though as i would love to sail in August
  11. Yep defo, I called this morning to ask and got a vague answer but the official line was it was not cancelled. I was hoping to get ahead in the Q for a refund LOL! Looking to book something else now, but knowing my luck I will book somewhere else and this cruise will sail after all!
  12. I didn't say they had been cancelled , I said they had been removed from the website and are no longer on sale as of first thing this morning which leads me to assume that they are cancelled, when you combine this with the US announcement yesterday its obvious what's happening they are being pulled.
  13. I called first thing and got a very vague answer, the official line from them is that it hasn't been cancelled yet so just wait. I am pretty sure though after yesterdays announcement in the US about cruises that they are cancelled though.
  14. I am on the same cruise, looking at RCI website its no longer available so I suspect its cancelled No cruises available out of the UK now until October
  15. At the moment only China Available now in Aug, everything else Gone September , all Southampton and northern Europe, next cruise available from UK is October
  16. I am now in the process of finding another holiday 😞 it will not be a cruise but need to get away Somewhere, we have a 3 week holiday at Disney in Florida booked for Christmas and I really do think that will be cancelled also Can someone wake me up when this is over.
  17. Correction ! you are right all August is only China - September still some available Southampton and and Northern Europe departure ports gone for aug and september
  18. They have gone, next available cruise out of Southampton is now October
  19. Well it looks like the inevitable happened The only cruises now available in Aug and Sept are from China, the rest have gone so I assume cancelled. Thats our Southampton August one gone 😞
  20. I beleive she is due a dry dock before southampton , so maybe heading for that. We are booked on the 16th August which I am pretty sure will not happen despite my hopes that it does
  21. We have just ben through the exact same conundrum on Anthem We booked Guaranteed suite , it was same price of 2 connecting balconies . Following a post on here, I called and made the switch to 2 balconies connecting. It seems through research we will also be able to open the balcony divider, so nice big balcony, 2 bathrooms and a separate room . We also managed to find a connecting set of rooms with one having a sofa bed.. there wasn't many of these available for some reason but we got one. I doubt we will be sailing anyway, but for the price we got it was worth the gamble
  22. Thanks for your help everyone , I was just trying to see if it would come up as option to book both, but assuming from what your saying that out of the 4 of us I would put 3 in a large balc JS< then a 4th single for a interior studio and then try and match them up when choosing rooms I guess I was trying to see if they would come up as a combination option, i.e something like 2 bedroom junior suite
  23. On Anthem it looks like the junior suites with large balconies have some kind of small adjoining room, does this come when you book the suite or is it a separate bookable room? Trying to get my head around what it is, and how to find it during a booking to see how much it is?
  24. Thank you, Just waiting for our cruise to cancel and checking the website every day! bit apprehensive I guess.. Saw this before and thought it might mean they are coming lol
  25. Interesting.. is this normal that it does this sometimes? or could it mean more ?
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