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  1. We went a bit later in the year, departure 7th September 2017 11 night Adriatic & Med cruise also Connie. Finished at Barcelona.
  2. We had that pleasure in 2017. Fantastic views over Venice, entirely appropriate operatic music soundtrack on the pooldeck, then sailed into a massive thunderstorm. Could not have been a better combined natural & man-made sound and light show 😁
  3. So I guess you booked the 7 night Italy, Croatia and Montenegro on Infinity? If so, there is only 1 night scheduled in port at Venice at the start of the cruise. Then, assuming you cannot board until midday earliest on the first day, that pretty much wipes out the day for touring, if they even allow you off ship on your own. Arizona Wildcat is correct, you would be better off staying locally in Venice for 1 or 2 nights pre or post cruise to tour independently, but we still don't know what the situation will be like next year. I don't believe Celebrity will change from Venice to Ravenna as the
  4. I am not sure there are any other terminals in the Venice area suitable for handling cruise ships so for the moment I think they will have to continue using Marittima. It looks like there is a ferry terminal in Marghera, but it seems to be more for commercial traffic and probably not well suited to the needs of cruise ships.
  5. Interesting read from the BBC news website: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-54478119
  6. I guess it depends on the question asked. Connie WILL be starting cruises in Venice and Rome during the season, but also some start in Barcelona. I hope it was lack of geographical awareness/grammar of the Guest Support Unit agent and nothing more. But I agree it does not fill me with confidence.
  7. Nothing I have found online suggests there is any current ban on cruise ships using Venice Marittima port. There was a ban for vessels over 55,000 tons a few years back, but it was overturned soon after (that's Italian politics for you). There are various other suggestions such as a new channel to avoid passing St Marks or creating a new cruise terminal on the mainland at Marghera, but these all involve large investment. I suspect such investment is unlikely in the current environment. I really hope Celebrity can continue to use Marittima, and I think Venice probably needs some tourist income
  8. We booked an IV on Edge because the few traditional balcony cabins are not in good positions, and are not fully open. For us the plus point was the effective extra space in the cabin if you keep the internal sliding door open. But it is not like a normal balcony because you cannot really 'sit out' and be separate from the cabin. The only time we found the sliding window locked 'by the bridge' was when they were cleaning windows. Fair enough, I would not want my cabin sprayed from outside. The main things that probably put me off booking one again (with my engineer head on) are:
  9. Although we live in UK, so still sort of part of Europe (until December!) we have only done 3 Mediterranean cruises, no fjords yet - but it is on our list. Of course I cannot comment on travel from US to Europe, but I see you already have some comments from others. If you are romantics at heart, find a cruise departing Venice before they close it to cruise ships for good. Take a pre-cruise stay (Mestre on mainland is quieter, cheaper and a short bus ride) for a couple of nights to see what you can but don't try to do it all. Get a VeneziaUnica card for bus and ACTV vaporetti transp
  10. UK website says 'most', but the post on Facebook says 'all'. Make of that what you will.
  11. On Edge in the Med last September we left it a bit late into the cruise to book any specialty dining, but found during the last half of the cruise there were restaurant staff outside Oceanview selling off unused slots at a discount. The dining times were not always a great choice, but we are not too fussy about that so got LPC for $40pp instead of $55pp. Wish we were onboard now. We are having a really miserable run of weather in UK 😒
  12. We always used to ignore the Future Cruise sales onboard - until we found out it is one way (the only way?) of getting a better deal when buying something onboard. On our Edge cruise in September we made a booking for a specific cruise in 2020, we got our Captains club upgrade, a specific cabin and extra OBC. We had the option of transferring the booking to our TA who then gave us extra discount and built a tailor made package for us around our chosen cruise. All very easy. I am looking forward to see what new options we will have to spend our OBC on Connie after her refit next year.
  13. We were on Edge early September. We had OBC to use up so tried for a specialty restaurant booking on the last night but most were already booked up. We noticed waiters hovering at the exit of Oceanview at breakfast time, they were trying to sell off any remaining open slots at a discount and we got LPC for $40pp for a late sitting. We had finished packing by 7pm so this was a great way to finish the cruise. Amusing and very good food only spoiled for me and a few others by a sudden onset of bad weather causing a very rough ride - rather unfortunate, but that's the med in September for you!
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