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  1. I truly believe it depends on the security checking carry-ons. I've been lucky and gotten my oversize cooler, very similar to yours, through several times. However, on my last cruise, the guy running it through the scanner and looked at me and said "you know this is oversized, don't you". That was in Miami (but he still let me take it). The port at Jax, Tampa, and Port Canaveral have never batted an eye at it and let it go through. I always carry it empty, just in case they take it away. I don't want to have to carry a bunch of stuff because my cooler was confiscated,:)
  2. I'd go with the Magic. The Glory is out, only because it's 7 days, not 8. The Magic is the newer of the two ships, AND I like Port Canaveral better than FLL to sail out of. I will admit, though, I like the ports of the Splendor better than those of the Magic. However, I cruise for the ship, not the ports. Whatever you choose, have a fabulous cruise!!
  3. You can also email John Heald and explain your situation. I know, from personal experience, he can email the M'D directly and make this happen for you. If you have difficulty reaching him, call the "Special Needs" office at Carnival. Anxiety is a medical condition and I have found them to bend over backwards to keep their guests needing special assistance happy. Good luck to you and your husband.
  4. OK, the upload keeps failing. Don't know why. It's a JPEG file within limits of CC. If you really are so curious to want to see it, just email me at pungo3 at hotmail dot com or, if you want to try and upload, you are welcome to email to get it
  5. Although I don't feel I owe anyone an explanation since these are experiences I've had with Carnival, I knew there would be those who would choose not to believe without proof. Therefore, I'm attaching a photo of the oceanview window which was 'boarded' up (actually a large piece of heavy metal which was bolted over the window). Guest services said they were expecting severe weather (which we NEVER had) and they refused to remove the cover for the duration of the cruise. To those who wonder why I've only had positive things to say about Carnival in my posts, I never let this sort of garbage ruin my cruises. I've had fun on all my cruises except for one which I'll give you a quick summation of. When I cruised the Destiny in 04 out of Puerto Rico, two rival gangs were on board, probably because the ship didn't fill and they sold cabins very cheaply. They took over the Lido deck. Our balcony cabin was on the Lido Deck and they would not let us cross their territory for anything on the Lido. We complained to security and guest services and nothing was done. I think they were just as scared of them as we were. It was a miserable experience. We felt we were held hostage in our cabin for the week. Thank God for room service. You can read my review as I tactfully explained what happened. The remainder of my cruises have been fun, even though Carnival has treated us poorly on several occasions. As far as the OBC, Carnival's website screwed up my booking. I was sent the 'special fare' for $200 OBC for cruises 7 days or more. That is what I booked under. I am positive. Unfortunately, my printer wasn't working at that time and I was unable to print it. They say I used a different rate and will NOT give me the money. I've written Corporate Headquarters as well as John Heald and gotten no reply from either. It's only $200, but combined with all the other stuff Carnival has refused to make right, I'm fed up. I can spend my dollars on many different vacations, so I choose to no longer cruise Carnival. Period. To the person who thinks I"m embarrassed, why in the world would I be? I've only told the truth. The whole truth. Not one word is made up or exaggerated. I have been a loyal cruiser and have only wanted to help other cruisers and encourage them to have a great cruise. I just felt it was time to speak up and tell my cruising friends that Carnival's customer service stinks!! I had no plans to return here, but one of my friends emailed and said I should take a look. I'm not coming back again, so don't waste your time posting questions. This really isn't worth my time trying to explain.
  6. I have been a very loyal customer and have overlooked the decline in food/service over the years because I felt I was still getting good value for my money. I overlooked Carnival ruining my luggage on my Dec. Dream cruise and being told they would only consider paying for a repair (even though the repair man told me there was no way to repair it), I overlooked when my oceanview cabin on the Sensation had the window boarded up for the duration of the cruise with no offer of compensation of the difference between an oceanview rate and inside rate, I've overlooked cabins with constant construction noise and my request to be moved denied, I've overlooked the free cruises going to many others to others but never having anything like that offered to me, I've overlooked my Platinum status being downgraded, but they have finally pushed me over the edge. I booked in June on a special rate which gave $200 OBC for my 7/26/14 cruise on the Freedom. Today I called to find out why the credit isn't showing on my cruise documents. They insist that is not the rate I booked, even though I know for a fact that is the rate I chose. They have website problems (admitted by the tech I talked to), but they won't fix my problem. $200 obc is not a huge thing, but combined with all the other aggravation I've dealt with over the last 2 years, I have had it. I have always been positive on all my cruises and have never let little things ruin my cruise. Carnival supervisors are totally unwilling to admit their website has problems and will not give me any type of compensation for their problem. This may sound petty to a lot of you, but I'm just not willing to keep allowing Carnival to get away with their poor customer service any longer. So, you won't see me posting here anymore, and you won't see me booking anymore Carnival cruises. The aggravation has now outweighed the enjoyment of the cruise. Goodbye to Carnival. Let the flaming begin.
  7. I agree, it's never too early to book. Just make sure you book Early Saver so you can get OBC if the price drops. You get the very best cabin selections by booking early, so if you are positive that is when you will cruise, go ahead and book. Whatever you decide, have a fabulous cruise.:D
  8. I took my nephew on a cruise when he was 4 1/2. He LOVED it. It was back in 2002 when people still dressed on Elegant night (Formal night in the good old days). I bought him a little tux and he was adorable and got tons of attention on the ship. He adored Camp Carnival. In fact, he begged to stay every time we picked him up. He made good friends and adored the leaders. In fact, he convinced us to leave him on the ship while we did an excursion. That was hard for me, but the staff assured me he'd be fine and he was. He also loved the pool and waterslide, which was not nearly as good as the waterworks the ships now have. I'd never hesitate to take a young child again. In fact, I'm working on taking my 2 grand daughters in the near future. I hope you have as good a cruise as I did.:D
  9. Out of 30 cruises, I've only won 2 SOAS and 4 medallions. You'd think I'd remember trivia answers from ship to ship since a lot of the questions are the same, especially on back to backs. I'll just keep cruising until I win more. LOL:D:D
  10. I agree, for your honeymoon you should do it. You will love the peace and quiet. Have a fabulous cruise.:D
  11. I agree with you wholeheartedly. I think I can find negative reviews for every ship I've been on, yet I've never had a problem. In 30 cruises, I've really only had a negative experience 1 time, and that was due to the passengers, not the crew/staff/ship. I love cruising and just go and have fun. I enjoy reading reviews of cruises I've been on and see the different perceptions of other passengers. I hope you enjoy all your future cruises.:D
  12. For most of my cruises, I've booked online on Carnival's website. I check prices frequently (I'm retired, so it's a hobby looking at cruises) I use Manage/VIFP for my cruise offers and start looking. When a cruise appeals to me, and the price is low, I book it. Sometimes that's a pack-n-go rate, sometimes one of the others. For any of the other rates, I always watch for price drops and call and ask for OBC. Sometimes I get it, sometimes I don't. If I'm not eligible for OBC, and the price has dropped significantly, I ask for my cabin to be upgraded. I get that frequently. Since I can travel whenever, I tend to get really good deals on cruising. I haven't used a travel agent in a very long time since it's easier for me to deal directly with Carnival. Regardless of whether I get OBC or an upgrade, I'm always happy because I booked cheap to begin with. I don't really care where the ship is going, just let me enjoy the peace of the ocean.:D:D
  13. Sounds wonderful! So glad you enjoyed it. I'm sorry you didn't enjoy your balcony as much as you hoped. It really depends on your cruise style. Next time, save the money for more drinks and fun! :D
  14. That's GREAT. OBC always makes me smile. I hope you have a fantastic cruise.:D
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