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  1. Well I’m still waiting for my refund from Vantage. Had a Tulip cruise scheduled for April 2020.they cancelled it in March 2020. It’s now February 2021. Called AGAIN today. Yes, I’m scheduled for a refund but they are delayed. Asked to speak to an accounting supervisor. Told that it would be 6-8 weeks before they would return my call. Not happy with them.in reading the Boston BBB web site complaints, seems like they are not getting anywhere with Vantage either. Anyone have names of people higher up at Vantage that my attorney could address when I get him involved?
  2. Well, lesson learned. I didn’t have any problem with Delta refunding my money on my CC. Guess I’ll wait another month or so and claim it on my trip,ins and file a complaint. Luckily I’m only out about $3500.
  3. I am in the same boat (So to speak!).,Vantage cx my Tulip Trip in March. I opted for a full refund and was told it would be 8-10 wks. I’ve been calling back every month for the last 6 months and get the same answer.....we are working in it. The last time they checked to make sure they had the right bank acct #(they did). They lied to me when I made the reservation and the previous five trips I’ve taken with them. Every time when I asked about paying with a credit card I was always told they don’t take credit cards. In talking to friends on the same cruise, they paid with their CC.
  4. Vantage cx my tulip trip on March 16 and I asked for a refund that day. They said the refund would take 6-8 weeks. I’m still waiting (May 25). I called them and they said I was working my way to the top of the pile😱
  5. I have been following the threads on cancelling or rebooking a River cruise because of Corona Virus. Some people have mentioned that they will not rebook because of their age. They seem to indicate that they will be over 70+. Is this a personal choice not to travel or is there some age limit that a government or cruise line has put into effect? I am over 70 and when the cruise boats are sailing and the planes are flying I plan on being there.
  6. Per info on Vantage website they have now cx all cruises thru May 24.
  7. I was scheduled on a river cruise withVantage leaving April 16. They cancelled the cruise and I immediately called for a refund which they gave me. They told me it would take up to 60 days to receive it so I’m still waiting.
  8. I liked the Black Forest trip. The cake was great! Luxembourg was well worth the time. I would go there again!
  9. Ural Guy, The Vantage cancellation policy also included this important information at the end of the notice. Request needs to be made in writing 30 - 90 days before the cruise. I’m scheduled to leave on April16 with Vantage. Not much time to get a letter to them. However, I’m not canceling....if the planes fly and the cruise is sailing I’ll be there. Please note that these temporary cancellation terms are valid for new and existing reservations booked by 4/30/2020 on departures between 4/1/2020 and 12/31/2020 provided that cancellation requests are received in writing at le
  10. Vantage was very good in handling my husbands food allergies. After we made our reservations we filled out a questionnaire asking about food allergies. When we checked in for our cruise he was given a colored ticket that he put out at meals to alert the waitstaff that he had a food allergy. They were very good in making sure that he wasn’t served those foods.
  11. I’m 72 and I do know what is appropriate to wear for different occasions. That being said, I have chosen cruise lines based on their dress code. I don’t like formal nights or the captains dinner and have no desire to attend either. I have foot problems and if people have a problem with my shoes, too bad. . If a black pair of pants and a nice top isn’t good enough I’ll go somewhere else. I was on a river cruise where no jeans were allowed in the dining room for dinner. I can live with that. A man showed up in jeans and was turned away until they found out his luggage hadn’t arrived. H
  12. I’ve stayed at the Doubletree Centraal Station and this time I’m staying at the Park Plaza Victoria across from the train station. I like the location of both to walk to the river cruise docks. I don’t know which company you are going with but I’ve seen Vantage, Viking and Uniworld plus a couple of others docked there on our last three cruises. if you haven’t found a room yet I’d do it ASAP. We are going on the Tulip Cruise mid April coming in two days early. I reserved rooms last October. Just checked the hotel again and no rooms available. Also the rooms were very expensive since it’s a
  13. My husband is 6’5”. We have gone on three river cruises with Vantage. The beds are too short.....his feet hang over the bottom.we always ask for an extra blanket to throw over his feet. The blankets are short. The bathrooms are large enough for him to use comfortably. The chairs in the room are actually pretty comfortable. He has to watch his head while walking down the hallways because they have hung the exit signs in the middle of the hall. On their newest ship they moved them to,the side instead of the middle which was a big help. The chairs and sofas in the lounges are very u
  14. Glad you got your money back! I never pay upfront in advance. I make more $$ keeping my money in my investments than the discount they give me for paying sooner. Also figure I’d rather try to get back a deposit of $500 than thousands.
  15. Have you paid your invoice in full yet? If not, I would just subtract the cost of the airfare from the balance due. I’m taking my 6th trip with Vantage this April and my final payment was January 15th. On this trip they paid the airfare but there were airport transfer charges. I decided to buy my own airfare( I’ve seen too many others get bad itineraries and seats). I called them and they took off the transfer charges since I was making my own air arrangements. I have been pleased with Vantage tours but I always make my own air arrangements. I don’t like to leave that in contro
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