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  1. There are 4 balcony cabins on the Dawn on deck 11 - all the rest are mini-suites- that have the same size balcony as the mini's. We were in 11612 right by the stairs and elevators. Loved the location and no noise. Those 4 balconies are very sought after because of the balcony size.
  2. Our slot play coupons from the website (not through NCL) worked on the video poker machines. Hubby won $1000 on the machine at the bar in Feb. - YEA!
  3. We were on the Dawn this past Feb. and they were doing free tenders to Cayo before and after us. On our date the Pearl was chartered out and they booked the whole island so no one went to Cayo. We were disappointed.
  4. We have used Travel Guard for years - only had to use it once and it was great about reimbursing.
  5. La Princesa - Loved your last review. Very anxiously awaiting this one!
  6. We just kept the room service tray from our first day and used that for the rest of the cruise to go get food from the buffet. No one said anything to us so I guess that was O.K.
  7. OOOPS! Sorry - I misunderstood! Sometimes....... I don't read careful enough.
  8. Cruise Critic sells travel tumblers on their cruise gear shop. You can get there by going back to the first page and clicking on the first sticky post that is advertising lanyards this month. Click on that sticky and then click where it says go shopping now. I don't know if that is what you're looking for, but I have one and like it.
  9. No problem with #11612 and it was just a balcony cabin - there are only four of them on the Dawn. Same size balcony as mini suites. Very cool! No noise as we were between the pool and the Garden Cafe.
  10. What a great post, Grandma Hofmann! I'm impressed with your opinion. I think everyone needs to read it again - in case they missed it the first time. We are Princess platinum. We are now NCL regulars due to smoking regulations. Princess e-mails us everyday w/ something in the mail just about every other day in addition to daily fliers in the snail mail. Not so much NCL Sorry you lost us? - Your choice. We are allowed to smoke on our balcony - so we did - limited on our last cruise due to the loud talking late at night and noise/music on either side of us. I think it goes both ways. There is always something people will complain about. I went to a meeting (my homeowners association) the other night that drove me crazy - didn't stick to protical - people were shouting at each other and it was total chaos. I chose to leave.
  11. Hi! We have only cruised Princess before and were sold on their product, but after reaching platinum with them we decided to try something a little different. We still like Princess, but we found NCL to be another product we like, a little different. We bought the $250 cruise credit so I guess that says something. This is just our opinion, we liked the staff and crew better on NCL and the entertainment was great. I think better than Princess. They really put out for your M & G - the whole main staff was there. I arranged a M & G for Princess and only 2 officers showed up and they did not address the group as NCL does. Like I said cabins on the Dawn were slightly smaller, the bathroom set up is much better (glass shower door). We had one of the over the door shoe racks for the bathroom and another one that folds up with shelves for shoes to hang in the closet. In our room there were only about 3 drawers but they had some shelves in the closet where we could put our shorts and stuff. We brought our own clothes hangars as they are skinnier and took less space. They give you plenty of their big wood ones - but I'm a clothes freak and change many times. We just took theirs out and put our skinny ones in. As I said, when you get off of the elevator #11612 is right there. Great to run upstairs for a snack. If you look at the deck plans it is in between the pool and the buffet. No noise. On one side is a handicap room - never heard a sound. On the otherside is a minisuite, we could hear them talking on their balcony at night, but didn't bother us - I think it was two men, but that did not bother us and that's the luck of the draw. If you are like us you will organize and then there is enough space - but it does take some planning. We booked the Breakaway minisuite for 2014 - 12 day Southern Caribbean -with our future cruise credit. It can't come soon enough! Any more questions - just ask. We were suprised that we weren't disappointed. We thought we would be - atrium not as elegant- entertainment & staff made up for that! - The $1000 win in the casino didn't hurt either. LOL
  12. Oh! I forgot to mention that we had no noise in #11612. I think it is between the pool and the buffet above so no deck chairs moving around or buffet noise.
  13. We stayed in #11612 on the Dawn this past Feb. Yes, the balcony is the same size as the minisuites on Deck 11 - there are only 4 of them. I don't know about the other cabins you mentioned, but the one we stayed in was an awesome location - right next to the elevators and just one deck up to the pool or Garden cafe. We were new to NCL on this past cruise and the balcony rooms are smaller than we were used to, but a little planning and organizing and it was great. Would stay in that cabin again if available.
  14. Both WHP - t-shirt styles were available on the Dawn this past Feb.
  15. I use the stuff in the dispensers for body wash. I bring my own conditioner (and bar soap for the Hubby). Actually I don't bring it - I buy it at a local store the day before to bring on and leave the left overs to save weight when flying. Next trip out of NY - I don't know about drugstores locally there - but I would like to know. It was easy cruising from Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, and San Juan to pick up things you don't want to fly with..
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