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  1. [quote."

    We've been long time Regent/Radisson cruisers, and loved the open seating for dinner.

    We'd like to do that on crystal, but it seems that is not possible IF we don't travel with others, but instead expect to meet others on the cruise?

    We would want to go to the DR when we are ready to eat - if we meet someone that day, or a different day we'd like to dine with, we can't unless we had anticipated meeting these people.

    Is this correct, or are things more Open than this rule seems?



    The short answer is it depends. If you find you want to dine with someone with dining by reservation at the same time as you I'm sure it could be done. If you want to change things up on the go it is extremely likely it can be done. There are undoubtedly instances when the maitre d just can't work things out. Rest assured this will not be through lack of trying. Reservations at the Speciality restaurants may be flexible as well especially on evenings most people prefer the MDR. On Serenity there is always Taste as an option, on Symphony the are casual dinners in the Lido without reservations on select evenings. All that being said it is possible you would be disappointed, very, very unlikely but possible.

    If I may suggest, for your first cruise why not pick the time you find less onerous and then ask for a table of whatever size you prefer. Crystal has a diverse evening entertainment program that is planned around fixed seating dinner, you may feel like a fish out of water if you're new to the ship and on a different schedule from the majority. If you're on a 7 night cruise and at a table for 6, you will meet some other folks and you can arrange the other dining options so you only need to be there very other night, how bad can it be? I have rarely encountered really unpleasant people, sometimes even people you aren't drawn to turn out to be very interesting. Good luck, hope you try Crystal, a GREAT experience.


  2. I keith, Do you also have experience or advice re Hamburg. We are only there for one day, we leave the ship the second day. I gather it is a very big port with two areas. What do you suggest we do in Hamburg. I have heard it is just nice to walk around the streets of the old part basically. Do you think this is best done on our own , or would we need a crystal excursion?

    Can we walk to this area from where we dock or will we need a cab or maybe Crystal shuttle?

    I think the musuems in Amsterdam will be our main art focus on the trip. We are on the V 4221 London/Dover to Hamburg .

    Love your blog, wish we were there with you, but your photos and despriptions are wonderful. Enjoy rest of trip. Springlake

    When we were in Hamburg in 2012 the Crystal shuttle dropped us in the square where the hop on/hop off buses originated. A nice overview.

  3. I'm sure it's 15 nights too, it's just unusual/disconcerting that Crystal - even their Dispatch Dept - is saying 13 nights onboard. One would think they'd have the East versus West crossing down pat by now!


    At 14 nights you get additional reservations in Prego and Silk Road, are they trying to economize? LOL

  4. There are no special transfer tags. You must clear immigration and customs on your own. Once you have exited the secure area, you will see ground agents with Crystal scarves or ties and holding clip boards. The will direct you where to pile your luggage and where the bus is. Porters will load your luggage on to the bus and usually that is the last you see of it until it arrives in your room. I keep my hand luggage with me. Crystal does not generally pack the coaches, especially for a short transfer so there is usually room for your carry on in the coach. I'm on that cruise and still debating whether to try to get cabs or use Crystal. We will be 8 (5 adults and 3 pre teens) so it would seem we could do it for less than $360 but so far the only quote I've gotten is more than that. I too am more worried about the amount of luggage than the bodies. See you in July in Copenhagen.


  5. I took my grand kids on their first Crystal cruise in 2012 at ages 7 and 9. Seemingly like your children,they enjoy fine dining and are generally well behaved. We cruised in late May/ early June and they were the only children on board. Everyone was very nice and several folks went out of their way to stop by and comment on how much they had enjoyed seeing them. If you decide to book reserve early since adjoining cabins are very scarce especially on the Symphony. If there isn't a formal youith program when you go, ask for the equipment necessary to use the video games at the front desk.

  6. After about 10 years with Celebrity, we're doing our first Crystal cruise in September. As a scotch drinker, I'm quivering in anticipation of working my way through the included list of single malts. One question; does anyone know if typical dinner menus for a seven day cruise are posted anywhere on the web? I've done a Google search and a cruise critic web site search and other than menus from 2010 I've come up empty handed. I know menus change every now and then, but I'm hoping to see something post Crystral going all-inclusive.


    Thanks in advance






    Check out this blog, there are menus belong posted daily.

  7. Crystal has been pouring Talisker as the AI single malt Scotch. Don't remember which blends are available.

    The beds on Symphony get the night stand moved between them, on the Serenity they are just separated but the space is adequate since the cabin is larger.

    I have never had a problem with space and I now travel with a friend (we are both widows so there are 2 women cluttering the place up). We recently traveled aboard the Oceania Marina in a theoretically much larger cabin which had such poorly designed storage that we had to keep some things in our suit cases under the bed.

    As others have suggested, bringing wire hangers and sending away the big wooden ones helps on a very long cruise. It wasn't necessary on my longest (50 days)

    Enjoy your cruise.

  8. I've never changed cabins on b2b but new key cards have always just been delivered the last day. I think Crystal has available a hotel style rack you can hang things on to move closet items, not sure if drawers are interchangeable or if they need to be emptoied and moved. Good luck!

  9. I was on Serenity in December for the TA. Reservations were limited (they were still in shake down mode) but relatively easy to get. Menus are definitely available at dinner time for the next night, they may be available earlier but I'm not sure when or where. I seem to remember the theme nights being listed perhaps on the personalized itinerary page, so if you know you would rather avoid French or Neptune dinners you might be able to do that. Always something good for dinner IMHO. Enjoy

  10. Keith, menu question. The dining room menus you post don't have "always available" options like other lines (usually chicken breast, salmon, steak). Do you off hand know if/what is always available - my wife is a very specific eater and usually eats salmon with a giant plate of green beans. :)


    Not Keith, biut I can answer your question. Each night there are 2 traditional main course offerings. They are at the bottom of the Entre listings. Generally they rotate among salmon, chicken and steak. This is in addition to 4 featured entrees, salad entre, pasta special, vegetarian entre and "on the lighter side". With notice, they will happily prepare anything within reason but plain protein and veggies are always available.



  11. Danish Viking,

    So glad to have found you. We will be a party of 8, 5 adults and 3 pre teens. We are scheduled to land at 7 AM on July 14 and would like a touring transfer ( about 4 hours) with a drop off at the ship. Ideally we would like a pick up on July 28 directly to the airport. Any suggestions who to contact? Thanks for your help.



  12. Sail7Sea, I emphasize those 2 ports b/c OP expressed those 2 don't peak his interest, but he likes Halifax and loved QC. Bar Harbor is 2 hours from Boston, so OP must have been there? My personal favorite is actually Arcadia National Park with Peggy's Cove a close second; moreover, Halifax's Ryers provided us an awesome lobster experience. QC is probably the consensus most popular port of the bunch. No sales pitch needed there.:)


    Bar Harbor is actually 4+ hours (281 miles) from Boston.

  13. On the cruise calendar, May 6th (the date the ship crosses the date line), the calendar shows both a "Headline Entertainer" at 7pm & 8:30pm, plus a "Production Show" at 8:45 and 10:30pm. Is this normal-does Crystal do two separate shows with 4 sittings on one day?


    Under the dining options, you can only book for 14 dinners, not 15...


    I think the two set of shows is because there will be 2 May 6ths for you think year. Obviously there cannot be a show at 8:30 and another at 8:45 in the same venue.

  14. the docking 12am--12pm note means nothing as we are obviously at sea on that day. There may not be a default setting to place there instead. I am also on V4210 and look forward to it.

    This will be my 10th Crystal cruise, and I am still not sure how the clocks will be managed n board(i.e. ship time) , especially with regards to the international dateline. I do not remember how time was handled(so to speak) on V0205....

    actually whenever I have seen a company list their itineraries, the number of days is 1 more than the number of nights, as it includes debarkation day(usually by 9 am)

    Time changes on the 3TA and 2TP cruises I've done have always been 1 hour per day. As I recall when sailing west to east you have 2 of the day you cross the date line. This might be why a 15 day cruise appears to be 14.

  15. First of all, they are not free. You still have to pay port charges. They are "free" only as a third passenger with 2 full rate passengers in the cabin. Count how many third berths are available and you will see that the number is really quite limited. Given the size of the staterooms I wouldn't want to share except with young children. So, when I take my 2 grandchildren, I pay full fare for a 10 year old (not a lot of liquor consumption) and port charges for the 8 year old. I don't think I taking any money out of the other guest's pockets to subsidize them!

  16. My wife and I have signed up for the Trans-Pacific cruise on the Symphony this May. We are a little concerned about crossing issues, particularly in the gym. We are experienced cruisers, but this is our first time on Crystal.

    We like to spend our mornings in the gym working out, mainly on the cardio machines. We have a lot of days on Silver Seas and one of our main complaints is their small gyms. There is often an uncomfortable competition for machines in the mornings and I'm hoping Crystal will be better. However, after looking at the fact sheet for Symphony, I can see that there aren't a lot of machines and I fear that the combination of many sea days plus few cardio machines could spell trouble.

    Could you send any light on this? Is crowding a problem in the gym on Symphony? Is it a problem for other activities on the ship? (Dance classes, etc.)

    Thank you in advance for your help.

    Crowding is rarely a problem anywhere on either Crystal ship. Crossing the Pacific, there is always the chance that rough weather may close the gym. Remember on Crystal the gym is open 24\7 so there is more available time to spread out demand. Hope you enjoy your cruise.


  17. Keith;


    When we are in port what time must we return to the ship. For instance, on the last day in St. Petersburg the ship leaves at 6:00 Pm. How long before departure must we return?




    Not Keith but he may be sleeping now. All aboard is usually 30 minutes before sailing for passengers. I would definitely NOT plan on cutting it that close.

  18. I would rather see them available on the TVs (both would be nice :). I would love to have on demand movies and lectures available ensuite. By the way . . . Is there a "sleep" function on the TVs? We board Symphony May 1 (God willing April 30 ;) and this would be so nice!


    TV has 90 min. Max sleep setting

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