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  1. Mark Farris now shows as playing in the AS starting with Serenity's 29 July 2018 cruise from London-Monte Carlo.




    Drat it! Oh well I don't like the Avenue on Serenity anyway, very poorly laid out, and I guess I'm the only person in captivity who doesn't find Mark Farris' schtick amusing.

  2. Not quite -- it is the law (in Canada/US/EU) that it be deep, sometimes flash frozen - but parasite infection is still possible. There's no such thing as safe raw (or cold-prepared) fish.



    Of course, that doesn't stop me from eating it at home every now and then (I make my own gravalax).



    Would you prefer "safer," flash freezing is commonly used to reduce possibility, then, because we are a litigious people, they post the CYA statement.

    Do you remember the Asian Restaurant before Silk Road on Crystal? When you asked for sushi there, they used to tell you it was illegal in the US!!!!!!!

  3. In order to be safe for consumption, fish to be eaten raw MUST be frozen first to mitigate possible parasitic contamination. I know for a fact Crystal practices this. Why would somebody from the home office put out a statement then that frozen ingredients are "never" used? Fresh is not always better than frozen, sometimes frozen is better both from a nutrition standpoint and taste.

    Crystal obviously has a problem with the new Silk menu, instead of trying to deflect why not just fix it?

  4. Btw, I see the same person who isn't good at proof-reading answered you, Bitob. The email says other organized bridge groups do interfere with guests' play time and access to the dedicated bridge room. I hope they meant do not interfere.


    I noticed that too but decided it would be snarky to point it out. LOL I'm a bridge player and have been on many Crystal Cruises with outside Bridge Groups.Once Crystal stopped the Bridge Director/Travel Agent from reserving all the good spa appointments, dining times, etc. for her clients about 15 years ago there have been no issues I'm aware of.

  5. I can't share personal experiences but I can share a true story from WC2015. I don't remember the ports involved but we had several South African stops in a row with a sea day in between here and there. Crystal sponsored an overland tour at the first stop. At the same port a friend of mine was debarking for 2 days to travel to an inland school he had a supporting relationship with. Comes time to embark in the next port and we can't get into port. My friend was there with the safari folk. They (the safari folk)were transported to the airport, flown to the next port, put up in a hotel, and fed until they could rejoin the ship. My friend was refused any help whatsoever, he was even refused one of the empty seats on the bus taking folks to the airport.

    I guess theoretically there could be a good enough excursion to persuade me, having already paid $500+/person/night, to leave the ship and pay an additional $1000+/person/night to travel overland but I can't imagine what it would be. If I were going to do it, especially in a country where I have an ethnic or language difficulty, I would pay to have my every whim be Crystal's responsibility.

  6. Again, Thank you again for all of your assistance in responding to the thread.


    Keith, we are on the first part of the Vineyards and Vistas Cruise.


    I believe there is one BTO night. We have done Cunard (with several formal nights) but appreciated the more country casual approach in terms of weather and packing with a med itinerary. It is certainly easy enough to pack a tie, not so much a tux!


    I'm on the entire London to Monte Carlo itinerary of Vineyards and Vistas and my PCPC shows 3 BTO nights, 2 in the first week. July 31 and August 3. Ah well 2 ties don't take up very much room.

    See you in 28 days.



  7. I know from traveling and liivng here some dresses or tops would fall off wire hangers. i use plastic hangers at hoem and stil lahve to switch some out.

    There are thin, flat metal hangers with a velour coating. Clothes don't slip off but they are very sturdy. I used those on WC2015. A nice advantage is that yourclothes come out of the suitcase and into the closet. I guess I wasn't properly dressed but I managed to do that one on 2 - 50# suitcases and a carry on. One space saver is to just decide that one pair of dressy sandals/shoes goes with all your fancy clothes. No one will notice.

  8. I am a reformed former smoker who has been cruising with Crystal for 22 years. When I started cruising there was a smoking section in the Dining Room, the show lounges, the Bistro, the Cove, the Avenue Saloon, all staterooms, all balconies, 1/2 the pool deck at least. Smoking is now limited to the outside decks where it largely blown away immediately and the Connoisseur Club. On the pool deck, I believe smoking is supposed to be limited to the forward 1/2 of the tables under the walking track above. I have seen the ashtrays migrate into the more center area.

    When underway the smoke disapates immediately, when docked it can linger. I love the aft decks and use them since I rarely spring for a balcony but I'm usually alone out there.

    As a general rule, I think we, as a society, are far too ready to impose our preferences on others. The only modification I would support is perhaps a limitation on the aft decks, maybe 2 smoking, 2 non smoking. As a general rule I think Crystal attracts a considerate clientel and further rules are unneeded.

  9. The cabinis definitely larger (I would guess by about 50%)

    I know the handicapped cabins on Serenity are equipped with larger doors so you can drive your scooter in. Not sure if thi is the case on Symphony

    If not the staff does a very good job taking scooters away and charginng them and returning them when needed.

    The only down side of the 5th floor cabins in general is if you are sailing to Antarctica they will put up the metal storm shutters regardless of weather to prevent possible injury from a broken window. (I was on that Antarctica cruise)

  10. I know I have cruised in 7070, no issues. Although it looks like you will be looking right into the lifeboat on the diagram, in reality the lifeboats only extend down into the top 15% of the window. I find 7044-54 (and the same on the otherside) more limited because the obstruction (the gangway) obstructs the bottom 15% of the view. With 22 years and 37 segments on Crystal (almost all in "steerage class") I would select 7064 if the choice were mine. It is closer to midships. Other than lifeboats or anchors being deployed, noise has never been an issue for me.

  11. My next cruise on the Serenity, which was roundtrip Rome, has been split into two---Rome /Haifa; Haifa/Rome. What does this mean for me? Do I get credit for two cruises? Get to dine in the spec. restaurants twice each? What else? Thanks, Julia


    I call Crystal's propensity for doing this on poor selling cruises turning a cruise into a ferry. I assume you're referring to the 9/9/2018 RT Rome. At least they're charging more for the 2 shorter cruises added together than the 1 longer one. I have been on cruises where the reverse is true which is really annoying. In fact as I look, the 7/29/2018 from London to Monaco is $7545 for the 2 cruise option and $7600 for the one. I'm on that one and I plan to thoroughly enjoy it. One of the most interesting things is the reviews posted by the second halfers who complain about no welcome aboard events! You will probably not notice anything except some luggage in the halls after the first week. Make sure you schedule your Prego/Silk Road reservations for the first week. Once on board you will be able to make reservations for 2 additional visits (space available). Fifteen day cruises get you credit for 2 legs; 14, only count as 1.


    Have a great trip, hope you don't like single malt scotch because I intend to make a concerted effort to drink them dry.



  12. If you are asking about noise, I don't think there will be any from either the laundry or the elevator bank. The aft elevators do not go to the 5th floor (they would be in the middle of the dining room) if you care. It is a short distance on Symphony between midship and aft lobbies. I think the rooms near the laundry are closer to midship. You'll enjoy whichever you choose.


    Caryll (another Jersey girl)

  13. I haven't been on Symphony since the refit but there weren't before and I don't think it changed. There is 1 by the desk and there was 1 behind the TV you could access with some contortions. If being without an extension cord would be a serious problem, by all means bring your own. Usually they are available on board. As I recall there is no 3 prong plug capability.



  14. Thank you to all. I am not bothered by the things I don't use; I was just wondering if there were other lines that didn't have them; and thus possibly less expensive. I do understand that we all end up paying for things we don't use; and I have to weigh the value of the things I like.



    For example, a few people have responded about Crystal not having announcements throughout the day. Silversea doesn't do that either, but do other cruise lines do it?? Is that a thing? Are there constant announcements interrupting your day? Dear god, that would be annoying.


    The 42 day cruise I took on Oceania averaged about 10 a day, mostly about bingo, sales, etc. They also acosted you in the main show room before lectures at 10 AM to buy drinks.

    Never again!

  15. When a friend drove me to the port in San Francisco, there were 2 lines; one for ticketed passengers, one for guests. She was on board before me and waiting at the top of the gangway. The form is on the PCPC, I think they need passports, there is a charge for guests as well as a charge for dining.

    I'm not sure who communicates a change in policy once their application to board has been confirmed.

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