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  1. Yes, it is. The Sofitel is located very close to Chain Bridge, I haven’t stayed there but walked by all the time. All three are on Pest side.
  2. In off season, you won’t save much time for ticket line & all have to do security. High season, could be an hr+. Just like most other museums in Paris, I have a quickie plan to tour the Louvre. Plot a course from Winged Victory to Venus deMilo to Mona Lisa- the “big 3”. Check out & soak up the atmosphere of amazing art along your route but try not to deviate. And do not even consider the Egyptian rooms since British Museum has all the good stuff!
  3. Will you be docked in Le Pecq? If you take the panoramic bus tour, you will have a few hours free time for lunch. Many leave the tour at this point & tour independently in the afternoon; several museums are within walking distance. If you want to stay late & return on your own rather than the shuttle, Louvre is open until 9:45pm on Wednesdays and not crowded. Napoleon’s Apartments are only open then and are amazing.
  4. I try hard to avoid last flight of the day as well. Flying earlier usually can find space on a later flight if need be; if a problem w one flight, generally, a lot are affected w missed connections, etc.
  5. If you travel well, you can do both your first afternoon. For first time visitors, I suggest just viewing highlights rather than intensive museum tours. You can never absorb it all in one visit anyhow. Metro & RER tickets are interchangeable within zones 1 & 2. And I’d say maybe 30 min to get to Saints Chapelle w very frequent trains. Go directly to Saints Chapelle,from there go to Musee d’Orsay. Walk through the sculptures and then held to the back and take the elevator to the 5th floor; enjoy the impressionists. Depending on time, then either go to the Van Gogh exhibit downstairs or walk across the Seine to l’Orangerie & go directly to Monet’s waterlily murals. If you are content with a brief visit to each sight, you can easily do in an afternoon as D’Orsay is open til 6. Check the prices for the Paris Museum Pass vs entry fees & see if you can break even. I always use the PMP to skip the lines. After d’Orsay, you can walk to Place de la Concorde and the Champs-Elysees for a stroll before entering a Metro station. There are several Metro stops along the Champs. Plenty of time to rest the next morning.
  6. The best location, I think, for first time visitors is by the Chain Bridge. Many hotels are in this area. I’ve stayed at both the Corinthian & Marriott. So much is within walking distance and/or tram.
  7. For group tours, there are several companies. Viator is a 3rd party booker as is Get Your Guide.
  8. I have had excellent guides found through both TripAdvisor & Tours By Locals. Check the tours offered for Nice on Tours By Locals & you can get an idea what’s offered; friends have used Catherine.
  9. We rented a farmhouse a few years outside Avignon & loved the city. Favorite day trips were Uzes, Ax, Isle-de-la-Sorgue, San Remy & Bonnieux. We often went on their market days.
  10. I have stayed in Lyon twice. Once at the large Sofitel overlooking the river and once at La Royal Lyon which I preferred. It’s smaller and well located on Place Bellecour & the metro.
  11. Yep! Same happens at CDG, AF often gets priority for takeoff & landing to keep their ontime statistics from crashing
  12. I was told VRC does not go to Honfluer because they can not get permission to dock there. Whether it’s because of ship design or oversaturation of cruise ships, etc, who really knows. Would be nice if the newly designed ships, not only dock again in Paris but eventually can sail past Rouen. I myself would do a second Seine cruise if it was single direction & not Paris to Paris.
  13. 1:30 is fine. The walking tour ends in time to return for lunch & afternoon excursions.
  14. Lines can be long, prebuy your tickets. You can get tickets & tours online @ http://en.chateauversailles.fr/ I used the Paris Museum Pass which offers untimed skip/the-ticket line “passport” admission to multiple areas & we also pre-arranged a tour, then bought tickets at the garden gate for access there & rented a golf cart to visit the back Trianon area. If in Paris at least 2 days & touring at least two sights/day, the PMP pays for itself and where necessary offers a separate less crowded entrance solely for the security line.
  15. I agree it’s very walkable. We did the morning walking tour which gave a good orientation to the city. Afterwards, we stayed in the city for free time. its very easy to walk to the bridge and take an elevator to/from the river. As to La Couronne, I have dined there twice, once long ago and again when on the Viking cruise-wonderful! I reserved in advance and it was full at dinner.
  16. RER B line offers both regular local & express trains from GARE DE NORD to CDG. Have to check SNCF if traveling in Europe.
  17. I’ve brought family to Versailles on the 9am train, did a complete tour & even some had time for the garden. Was back in Paris by 2pm train, but it does take a big block of time. Since short on time, stick to basics & forget rest. The Musee d’Orsay is a few blocks from Louvre- easy walk. There’s no way you can see everything, so walk through the statues to the back and take elevator to 5th floor & see the famous Impressionists. Then go back down & go to Van Gogh, skip everything else. Directly across the Seine is L’Orangerie. Go directly to the Monet Water Lilies & then leave. You will have see the best of both! Sainte Chapelle is great if sunny, the stained glass is then beyond lovely! Next door, is the Concergerie (where political prisoners were kept during the French Revolution, many on way to guillotine). Marie Antoinette cell has been converted to a chapel but an adjoining room is set up as her cell. Interesting, less than perfect, but the history is there. The Paris Museum Pass makes it easy to just pop in and not feel compelled to see everything.
  18. I use TSA locks and never have had one broken off.
  19. Never “ran” into the bird before. I probably witnessed most of the others however. Even once was ripped off by a Prague taxi that hotel had called; shame on me to auto assume the desk would call an honest ride. We had two cars- one was 90 krona and mine was 200! Lesson learned and now insist on only using a few companies.
  20. I don’t know of Parisians that would actually stop to help either. More like snicker & keep walking. Paris is like any big city, everyone has someplace to get to & they do not go out of their way to help unles maybe if you approach them for directions.
  21. Every city seems to have popular scams, not just in Paris and but in Spain as well; I’m sure all over. Pretty original whoever invented the fake bird crap though! its important to familiarize themselves w pickpockets & fraud scams. Pickpockets often work in pairs, one to distract & other to get the $. Dropping metro tickets in a crowd is popular in Paris, or any distraction in a crowd anywhere works. Popular scam is the friendship bracelet routine as they happily grab your hand & tie one on your wrist & then demand €5. Of course, you can’t untie it & they run after you if you dont. So you pay just to get rid of them. Or the gold ring & postcard scams more popular on Champs Elysees & Eiffel. Just keep hands at your side and ignore anyone who approaches. Locals on the street don’t bother w tourists.
  22. Les Andelys town is very small. You can easily visit on your own. Uber is there, if you want a ride to the chateau vs the climb.
  23. Usual you can spot the Viking guide wearing a red jacket & guide holding the paddle. Also passengers will have the vox with the red Viking lanyard around their necks. Should make it easier to join up before the parking lot.
  24. If you can arrange a private guide, guides enter through a private side gate in the garden. If there at opening, you beat the hoards.
  25. Youll be fine. Clean & neat is the look you will see. We use the laundry service when our clothes look like they’ve had it.
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