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  1. hi has anyone stayed in room 7218 that has pics
  2. Anyone have a sample dinning room and Giovanni's kids menu
  3. in my opinion the adventure has more exciting pools for kids. I went on the anthem with my husband and it was great but thought my kids would be bored
  4. has a cabin crawl been scheduled? if so when is it?
  5. question reagarding the kids playroom wristband with tracker, do you need an internet plan for it to work?
  6. I read on someones post that you cant get slide wristband on the first day have to wait till they open on the second day. where did you do it?
  7. Anyone that has been on the ship, is there anything we need to do before hand to sign kids up for you. I already signed them up for kids club. What about waivers for activities and wristbands for slides can this be done first day or has to wait till the slides open? Thank You
  8. Michie78

    Apple Juice

    Hi I need to know if Apple Juice is available at breakfast in the dispenser. If not is there apple juice any where i the ship that i would be able to get. Thanks
  9. hi can anyone answer the following questions? is there apple juice at breakfast? also are there cheerioes? can you bring your own water on board? Thanks
  10. Hi. We just booked on Seaside for Easter 2018. I saw on this thread someone posted kids menus. My kids are extremely picky and one has some special needs. I didn't see there favorites on those menus which is chicken nuggets or Hot dog. Can I get these items in the dinning room. Thank you Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  11. Sailing on Anthem this summer for the first time. Which restaurants were your favorite? Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  12. Hi Anyone have recent Cruise Compass for the Oasis Thanks
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