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  1. The flight is a turn around and returns the passengers departing the cruise back to Santiago. If it left at 9 the returning passengers could not leave until late afternoon making it difficult catching a departing flight in Santiago.
  2. Sailed with Vicky on the Muse last October and she was not allowed to do her show. She did incorporate a lot of the material into her many presentations and was awesome! Look forward to sailing with her on some future cruise she was wonderful!
  3. That appears to be the consequences on first sailings and dry docks. The itinerary is exactly what we were looking for. Then I figured out it was the first sailing and stepped back. Definitely a lot to think about.
  4. I was really surprised at how much I enjoyed Indochine on the Muse. I would be disappointed if it was eliminated on the Moon. We are looking at the first Moon cruise in 2020 but are hesitant since it is the first sailing.
  5. Fantastic picture Cfluist. Boarding the Cloud in two weeks.
  6. Awesome pictures we are on the Cloud in two weeks to Antarctica. Hopefully we will get some amazing pics as well!
  7. Great Jolly to hear that Colin may be there on the April 10th cruise, even if he cannot do his show. It will be great to see him again!
  8. What cruise are you on? We are on the February 25th cruise taking the charter from Santiago.
  9. We love cruising with Colin. Does anyone know if he will be on the Silver Wind April 10th cruise that includes Cuba?
  10. Hi Kathy16 That was our original plan until we learned the charter flight from Santiago was included with the cruise. Now we are spending a few days before the cruise in Santiago and using the charter. Will try to let you know how it all works out. We were originally told the flight back to the states had to be after 10 pm. Now it appears we could have gotten an earlier flight. Our cruise is just a few weeks away so hopefully will be able to tell you how it all works out!
  11. We were on the Muse last October and definitely missed the main Restaurant. I actually liked Indochine but it was always half empty while Alantide was packed. On my wish list is a smaller Indochine and the return of a main dining room. On another note, pun intended, Silver Note was also excellent. Much improved menu than its previous incarnation that only had appetizers. We were very disappointed by La Dame and canceled a second reservation. If I had a vote it would be to “tear down the wall” as well!
  12. Tell your DH not to get overly concerned about the dress issue. I spent my hole career in a suit and tie and balked at the Silversea dress code but now enjoy the occasional dress up.
  13. Absolutely love Silversea been sailing with them since 2013. Formal nights can be as dressy as you want but I always do a dark suit and tie. For informal night I do a dress shirt and Sport coat. Our next cruise is to Antarctica so no formal wear. Following that is a cruise to Cuba so it will be reduced formal attire by booking La Terraza on formal night so I will not be taking the dark suit. You will definitely enjoy Silversea!
  14. Agree we tried to start a roll call but it never appeared. Not sure why the Cloud is not included.
  15. Correct Jpalny we booked the Sheraton on the Marriot web site. Just got our flight info for the February 25th cruise. We were told to book a late flight back to the states and will now have a very long layover. Oh well we are in business class so we should be able to find a lounge before the flights. Does anyone have recommendations for pre cruise activity in Santiago?
  16. We are on the February 25, 2019 Silver Cloud Antarctica cruise and started a roll call but it does it does not show up. Our Silversea itinerary shows we are at the Sheraton. Not sure about the different towers. We also booked a three night pre cruise stay at the same hotel on the Marriot site. Hope they let us stay in the same room for the Silversea night.
  17. SJS-TX

    High end cruise

    Definitely recommend Silversea!
  18. For some strange reason we received four Silver boxes for the same cruise, Antarctica on the Cloud in February. Not sure what happen.
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