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  1. Sorry if this repeats, I don't think my previous response got posted.... There are two ports in Reykjavik, you would have to check with your cruise line to see which port they will be using.
  2. There are two ports in Reykjavik, you would have to find out which one your ship will be using.
  3. Our September sailing date is approaching fast and I have a question for anyone familiar with Reykjavik. We will be arriving early morning at KEF airport and once through customs etc. will be heading directly to the Skarfabakki Cruise Port, arriving possibly 8 or 8.30 am. Boarding starts at 1.00 pm. Would anyone know if the cruise terminal building will be open early morning for people coming in from an overnight flight? We would be happy to sit inside, but don't fancy the idea of standing outside for a while waiting for the doors to open. Thanks for any information you can give.
  4. Oh my, what great responses to what I thought was a simple question..... I've really learned a lot reading all these posts. Thank you one and all.
  5. We are newbies on Oceania (Riviera) and I see posts regarding making reservations in the specialty restaurants. Am I correct in assuming one doesn't need to make reservations for the main dining room, but for the specialty restaurants (those with no extra charges) it's a good idea or even necessary to make reservations? Many thanks in advance for your advice.
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