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  1. Looks like Dorian turned a bit more northerly overnight and slowed down. Miami might only get the far reaches of Dorian's bands and it might not even happen until Saturday evening/Sunday morning. So Seaside letting off their passengers from this week and getting next weeks passengers on shouldn't be a problem. San Juan and Nassau might be in doubt but I'd be surprised if either are scrapped unless the storm unexpectedly intensifies.
  2. Why would the YC Deck Party be the night of San Juan on the Seaside? That would seem to make the least sense of any of the 7 nights since you are actually still docked in port when the party would occur. What is their rationale there, I wonder?
  3. pmk515

    6-22-19 Seaside

    We tag team it. 1 year olds are exhausting work.
  4. pmk515

    6-22-19 Seaside

    Half English Bulldog. Half Hound of the Baskervilles. My friend rescued this boy's mama from the wild and found out a few weeks later she had some pups growing inside her. Fast forward a few months and 2 of the litter of 6 survived (😥) and I got the boy and she kept the girl. He's the best with my new daughter tho, so I think I'll keep him!
  5. pmk515

    6-22-19 Seaside

    Man. Tough life, bruh. In the meantime, anymore yummy pics of the actual dishes you guys decide to order would be amazing! Will be in YC Seaside end of August and I'm apparently one that loves to tease my stomach.
  6. Interesting - I'm Gold with HH and got matched to Gold on MSC in November Definitely not complaining!
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