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  1. It closed at $45.27 on 1/27. I would not say that’s a great bargain yet.
  2. I have requested a box fan for our cruise on the Serenade this Friday. I received two responses. One said a box fan would be waiting for me. The other said the Serenade does not have box fans, but a small fan will be provided. Time will tell.
  3. Thanks My son and I are on the Serenade this Friday. Hopefully they have a on that ship. .
  4. Do they offer any reciprocity if you are Elite on Princess?
  5. I received a reply from the concierge from the Serenade. I was told they don't have box fans, but a small fan will be waiting for me in our room. Our cruise leaves this coming Friday. Time will tell.
  6. I try to avoid treadmills at all costs....
  7. haha... Like anyone follows that.....
  8. I often find walkers walking 3-4 abreast and makes it tough to get by while jogging.
  9. I use a baseball pitch counter. You can get one at Dicks Sporting good.
  10. We board the Regal 4 Sundays from today.... We are NOT huge Steeler fans... HAHA !!!!
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