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  1. I have been looking for a month at least on my 3 AMEX cards. Hoping soon... I have to make final payment on a cruise by 11/8
  2. Can you buy a bracelet once on board that holds the Medallion?
  3. I agree !!!!! People also try to bring unqualified people with them to the Elite lounge before Embarkation.....
  4. Received mine in the mail 9/18/19
  5. I know Princess has the ez check to take your bags to the airport that you do on the ship. Not sure if we are going to fly Allegiant home or Southwest. I know the ez check covers southwest. Guess I am wondering if there is an allegiant service at the port or a generic service that will take bags to specific airline. I am sure I already know the answer, but I am hoping maybe things have changed.
  6. We will be getting off the Regal Princess in February. Does anyone know if you can check luggage out of the terminal and they will take it to the airport for you? And if so, what airlines Thanks.
  7. Probably Southwest, but wondering ( but doubtful ) if Allegiant participates???
  8. Does anyone have a current list of airlines that participate in the Easy check program? Thanks
  9. I am sailing on 2/17/19 on the Emerald. I am elite and get the 150 free minutes. They are offering unlimited now for $99 and Princess says regular price $129.00. Wondering if they offer a deal when we board because we get free minutes or if I should buy the $99 plan now. Does anyone have any clue?? Thanks
  10. Thanks for the heads up. I checked all my AMEX cards and luckily one had the offer. Just took advantage of the spend $750 get $150 back offer not long ago....
  11. In 20 cruises I have had two fans taken away from me. One was in my luggage and I got called down to the naughty room. After that I started putting it in my carry on luggage. For quite a few cruises I never had a problem. Two years ago in San Pedro while going thru security they spotted it in my carry on luggage and took it from me. Last spring on the Caribbean princess I had no problem carrying a fan on...
  12. A few years ago when we arrived in San Pedro after a cruise, we were late getting off ship. We had a pre arranged time to meet our car service. They gave us 30 minutes I think it was. They said if were not at car by then, the car would leave and we would be out the money we paid. For this reason, when we cruise into there next February I am just going to us a taxi to LAX
  13. The buffet is also only one floor up. We ALWAYS book the Rivera deck... Terrace pool is also adults only which is nice.
  14. Does anyone have any idea if princess has decided to put Crooners on the Sky Princess?
  15. Thanks for your response !!! Now I know the reason why
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