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  1. I enjoyed the size of the liberty and the service was excellent.
  2. Thanks for taking the time and posting this review. It has lots of great information I'll use on my next Mexican Rivera trip. Mike
  3. The beaches at HMC are amazing and the food cooked on the island is good. I also recommend skipping the excursion at HMC and maybe do an excursion in San Juan instead.
  4. We enjoyed being on the magic. We spent most of our evenings in the red frog pub and loved it. If you choose the magic, go to red frog and pay extra for the appetizers. The coconut shrimp is delicious. Mike
  5. I can speak a couple of these questions: 2. The pools didn't seem over crowded to me, we spent the majority of our time laying around the back pool area. 3. The smoke in the casino was pretty standard, they have a non smoking area that helps out a little bit. 5. We always prepay gratuities at the standard cruise rates, but I do bring cash to tip the room stewards / house keeping staff extra. Their the hardest working least paid people in my opinion and if they do a good job, I'll give them $50 to $100 dollars depending on service. I've never had bad room service. 6. Lines can be long during peak time for buffet and food items, but they can easily be avoided. No long lines at the waterpark areas. Mike
  6. There's a cool website called cruise tt dot com that I use to check how many ships are in port. This website is a pretty handy tool to plan with. Mike
  7. Great info here, thank you! Mike
  8. Glad to see this happening. Roll call meet and greets are always fun!
  9. We've done both and actually now prefer anytime dining. It gives us the freedom and flexibility to show up when we want, or skip it to do something else. The only down side to this is you have to wait a little longer to get a table and you don't get to see the same people at your table like you do with assigned times. You also get different servers but you can request to sit in a certain area. AZmike480
  10. I like both for different reasons. I like the older ships because there smaller and less people are on them. The thing I don't like about the small ships is the old chessy decor and not having all the specialized places the new ships have. The new ships are nice because the variety of restaurants and bars, and the more modern decor. I also like the larger swimming pools and sundeck areas. I'd like to trip one of these mega ships, like allure of the seas or oasis of the seas. It would be fun to experience something that size one day. AZmike480
  11. My girlfriend is in love with there coconut shrimp!
  12. Thanks for everyone for the info. We're scheduled next year on this ship and I can't wait to hit all these new to me ports! AZmike480
  13. The ship is awesome! We loved spending time in the red frog pub and eating there appetizers. The ship is big and it took me a little time to get my mental map setup. We always stay in interior rooms since we don't spend much time in our room.
  14. We did our first cruise on the elation its was great. My memory of the ship is foggy thanks to alcohol:D AZmike480
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