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  1. Is Lactaid - or, any other brand - available in the different eating venues on the Marina? TIA

    Fdr email

    thank you, turnip eater.
  3. Does anyone possibly have the email for fdr? Tia
  4. What span of time is breakfast, lunch and dinner served? Tia ps the same question about waves, please!
  5. Great minds think alike ... LOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Our cruise starts in Rio goes to Buenos Aires and eventually we get off in Valparaiso. (We will be spending 3 nights in a hotel in Santiago.) Is this still the best site for the Argentinian fee -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I found this: http://www.argentinafees.com/post/38...ity-fee-online Also, do we need to pay a Chilean fee???????????????
  7. Thank you to everyone who responded! I'm hoping that Groovin' with 60's rock might include some Four Tops or Temptation music.
  8. Our cruise on the Marina 12-08-13 shows 3 specialty shows. Is there any way PRIOR to the sailing to find out which one will occur on which night? Or, if not, when we board will we be able to get that information? TIA
  9. We have made our 4 allotted specialty restaurant reservations. If we want a table for 2, when/where do we request that? TIA
  10. Thank you very much for all of your replies! CC posters are the absolute best!!!!!
  11. Does the MDR or perhaps Waves or the Terrace ever have Mexican food? TIA
  12. Thanks for your information!
  13. Is "Taste the World: The Food and Flavors of Oceania Cruises" sold onboard the Marina?
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