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  1. So what did the CDC make of cruise lines continuing to sell tickets, when it’s been clear they are not ready to resume sailing safely? “It is astonishing and it’s heartbreaking,” Dr. Martin Cetron, director for the Division of Global Migration and Quarantine at the CDC, told Skift in an interview last week. Excerpted from Yahoo News: https://www.yahoo.com/news/cruise-lines-booking-practices-pandemic-140001906.html.
  2. But you have to pay for nonalcoholic beer!
  3. Quote: I don't think Flatbush intended to exclude people and he and I have had our share of differences. So who would you pick? Reply: I'll take potluck. In nine O cruises, the maitre de has let us down only once.
  4. If the OP's intent was to identify an in group, he has succeeded. Shades of high school....
  5. 55% of Displaced Carnival Cruisers Are Taking a Refund Instead of FCC https://www.fool.com/investing/2020/04/11/55-of-carnival-passengers-arent-falling-for-this-t.aspx
  6. +1. Cruise Critic says they're working on fixing the Roll Call Finder tool and will us know when it's fixed.
  7. Yes, we use our Chase Sapphire Visa for cancellations, trip interruptions, etc., too. Which GeoBlue policy do you buy for emergency medical? Thanks in advance for your reply.
  8. Thanks, Lyn. I've emailed Jenn in Administration. Do you happen to know if help@cruisecritic.com is the correct email address?
  9. This is the way an Oceania roll call is SUPPOSED to look, but many of them don't. That's what I think needs fixing. Thanks to all those who replied for their suggestions. Marina Roll Call - February 24, 2020 24 members View Roll Call View Discussion Sponsored links
  10. Does anyone know how to format the Oceania roll calls so they are visible when you click on "Find My [Name of Ship] Roll Call"? Right now the roll calls are a hodgepodge of ships and sailings in no particular order, and the roll calls themselves (the lists of those sailing) are missing. In the past, when you clicked on "Find My [Name of Ship] Roll Call," the cruises would be listed in chronological order, making them easy to find. Maybe the Oceania moderator, if we have one, can help. Other suggestions?
  11. Have the new (reduced) benefits for the various Oceania Club levels been announced yet? If so, please send me a link to the descriptions. I've searched but haven't been able to find them on the O website. Thanks much.
  12. Hi Dan, Would that were true! I typed in the flight number (AA 973) on Seat Guru, and it says the plane is a Boeing 777-200. It also says the Boeing 777-200 has two layouts -- one with Premium Economy and Main Cabin Extra, the other with Main Cabin Extra only. Unfortunately, it doesn't specify which version will lbe flying from O'Hare (ORD) to Rio (GIG) on February 11, 2020. It does mention that Layout 1 -- the one with no Premium Economy -- is the most common version. So it's not looking good, on that flight at least
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