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  1. Thank you for the reassurances. At least we have a refund claim reference number which Princess offered after an earlier enquiry from us so it's in the system somewhere. We have had a Xmas 2020 cruise booked for some time so there'll be more fun and games with deposits paid and FCC to sort out after the expected cancellation of this cruise to Pac Is and Fiji. At this stage Princess are suggesting it's still going ahead.
  2. Thanks all. Seems we just need to be patient a while longer. The cheque will be in the mail....hopefully.,
  3. Cruise 8005 Syd-Sg was terminated on Feb 22 at Fremantle and many of us had to find our own way home or to wherever at our own expense which Princess suggested would be refunded when claimed later with receipts. Has anyone so affected yet received their refund from Princess for the expense of additional flights/accommodation, etc ? We lodged our refund claim on Mar 11 after returning home and not a word from Princess since. Phone calls to their 'call center' were fruitless.
  4. Many thanks for your advice. I have since learnt that the bread machines start chug a lugging in the early hours as well. We'll stay well away. Has great access to decks though.
  5. Wondering if there is likely to be much loud noise filtering down from kitchen/buffet above on Lido deck. I image there would be some at meal times mainly?
  6. Try an online quote from Suncorp whose travel Insurance is through Vero
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