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  1. I have been reading about the recent Carnival Corp data breach. Has anyone received any information directly from HAL concerning how this may affect us and what steps have been taken to protect our information?
  2. We will be on the Koningsdam in a few weeks. Is there any advantage to pre purchase before boarding the thermal suite and therapy pool?
  3. Regular beverage cards-thanks.
  4. We will be on the Koningsdam next month and will have a few beverage cards to use. I know that they can be used for both non and alcoholic drinks but can I use them to purchase a wine package after boarding?
  5. We will be stopping at Amber Cove next month and are looking at doing the waterfall trek with Amber Cove Adventures since I am not sure I could do the other more strenuous waterfall hike, jump and slide. Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!
  6. We will be on the Koningsdam next month `and one of our port stops is Amber Cove. I am looking at the Dominican Coffee:A Local Experience excursion. Any thoughts or reviews or suggestions? Thanks!
  7. Thanks for the info! I have called Southwest, Holland America and the company that actually provides the service but no one can explain why Southwest is not included for flights after 6pm- makes no sense. The only non stop flight available for us is 7:30pm.
  8. Sadly we are flying Southwest and I don’t think they allow flights after 6pm
  9. We are cruising on the Koningsdam in February. We have always used a luggage direct program so we did not have to deal with our luggage after disembarkation. Unfortunately we have a late flight out of FLL-7:30pm. Will we still be able to use this program with this late flight?
  10. Thanks so much for the link to your photos and review!!! Did you reserve your guide privately before your cruise? Any recommendations on private excursions?
  11. We will be on the Koningsdam in February and one of our port stops is Amber Cove. I am interested in the HAL excursion Damajagua Adventure: Waterfalls, Canyon and Cavern Swimming. We are a couple in our late 60’s and enjoy hiking but am concerned about the difficulty of this excursion. Advice, thoughts, suggestions? Thanks!
  12. Thanks so much for all the input!
  13. We will be stopping at Bonaire in February while on the Koningsdam. There is a ship excursion with a 2 stop snorkel trip. I am wondering how this compares with some private excursions. Any thoughts?
  14. We will be stopping in Bonaire in February - our cruise ships offers a snorkeling excursion using Sea Cow. But I have read so many great reviews about Woodwind. Any thoughts or comparisons about these two excursions? Thanks for your help!
  15. That is very disappointing especially since there are cabins both above and below. We were on deck 7 last year and had no noise problems.What kind of noises.We are booked in cabin 6118 this time and now I am concerned.
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