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  1. planning to book the EOS for this mid october to Bermuda. anyone done this last year? just trying to get a guage on the weather there at that time - hurricanes on the way down, etc., etc. we will be leaving out of Bayonne, NJ It was beautiful last mid October, Hurracaines can occurr all up the Jet Streem.. Our shiod a rode hurracaine Juan in 2003 (Last days of Sept._ It was 72 days on embarkation day in NYC. It was 91 degrees two days later in Halifax - you just can't always plan. thanks!
  2. Have been on several Canada Cruises: QE2 - 10/10 - 10 day; Serenade of the Seas - 9/30 - 4 days; Carnival Triumph 9/29 - 5 days. ON the SofS it was 72 degrees in NYC when we sailed. Two days later - 10/2 it was 91 degrees in Halifax? (The Jet Stream). There were no changes to the foliage. Only on the QE2 which got us to Canada 10/12, so I would highly recommend the 10/8 cruise.
  3. We sailed on the NCL Crown in 2006 and 2007 for a total of 6 cruises. I loved the Captain for making that annoucement. He really is concerned for everyone's safety. With all the expericed drivers waitng to pick up passengers at any given port and provide great tours that are a bargain if you have say 4 passengers as it is a government hourly rate for tours. On th RCCL Serenade of the Seas to Canada in 2004 (I think that was the year). It was the last day of Sepetmber and 91 degrees in Halifax! (that Jet stream). Hurricae Juan was racing up the Atlantic headed strait to Halifax (It was a cat 2 and direct hit). After a day spent in Halifax our Captain accounced we would be experiencing rough seas do to the impending storm. Twe next day the Captain made an early morning announcement for "Ladies to not wear any high heels out of cabin/on deck (Only sneakers or boat shoes). We had 20 ft waves and the ship was rocking and rolling. So this day the Solarioum pool was a virtual Tsumani. We went in and let the waves transport us back and forth to the sides of the pool. The Captain came out on deck making a "safety inspection." He spotted several ladies with FM pumps and said in a loud voice" "LADIES PL-EA-SE NO HEELS." He had his officers escort them to the cabin to change shoes. I could just imagine this Captain in Bermuda with the mopeds!
  4. Go for it. A mini suite is nothing; you have to contact the concerige for anything as she does does visit you as she does the suites. A Penthouse or Courthouse Villa is a wonderful experience and does not usually come at such a reasonable price.
  5. Yes I would agree with that. The Hotel DIrector and or Captain will go out of their way to make things comfortable and fun for the organizer of a meet and greet. I have seen the best treatment given to those in inside cabins on the lowest decks. If you have been in contact with the Miami office regarding an upcoming cruise this is usually relayed to the ship. It has happended to me twice. NCL really cares about anyone making a legitimate complaint or those organizing a meet and greet. Jeanne
  6. I agree with you 100%. THose scootes are an accidnet waiting to happen. Fortunately you were not seriously injured. People ignore that tourist have been killed on these things. I just cannot drive on the side of the street they do as I have been driving on the other side in the USA since 1973.
  7. I have been to Bermuda more than twenty times and can tell you that each time I am there some tourist gets into an accident with a scooter. I also get the Bermuda newspaper on line andthe tourist accident of the week. Hvae you ever dirven on the "wrong" side of the road? You will be having kids as passengers - are you scooter experienced diring on the other side of the road? If not I would seriouly reconsider this[. That said, IF you are berthed at Ireland Island (King's Wharf), there will be stands for you to lock up the scooter. There are also limited stands in Hamilton, but there is nothing in St Georges. Then again there is no rental place of scooters in SG. The place to rent scooters is usually King's Wharf. I went on a scooter in the early 1980,s with my ex-husband. We were staying at the former Castle Harbor Hotel and Golf Club across the bay from Tucker Town. I cringed and held on for dear life when my husband drove me into Hamilton. He kept drifting to the side of the road we are used to driving on; steering the scooter out of disaster to the other side of the road at the last minute to avoid a head on collision. I just do not recommend scooters for visitors. There are plently of cabs that will give you a great tour of the island and it is a bargain for your family of four as you wil get a rate per hour. Try "Neville's Touch of Class" (on the internet). Neville has picked up me and my various family members for a 3 house tour, then friends for a tour or beach drop of and later pick up and finally just myself to go to the beach and then be picked up and driven back to the ship. Please renting a scooter unless you are experience dricing one and dricing it on the wrong side of the road. Jeannie QUOTE=beef;14731855]Hi all, You guys are great by the way. My wife and kids (12 and 6) will be cruising to Bermuda on June 7th. Since we'll be docked in Bermuda a few days, I though it might be nice to rent scooters. Do any of you have any advice on this? One thing I'm wondering is where you can park your scooter overnight? I've read that rental scooters have a way of vanishing so parking at night is a real question. If you are docked at Ireland Island (King's Wharf) there is no problem Thanks in advance for your help!!!
  8. I have been in regular window cabins and been invited on NCL. In that case the Concierge had just been promoted; on my previous cruise on the NCL Crown she had been a clerk at the Reception Desk and I was friendly with her. Upon my return several months later, she remembered me and I was invited to the Captain's VIP party. Having been to this several months ago as I was in an "apartment suite" with butler (630 sq ft cabin and 160sq feet balcony - the size of a regular cabin). That concenirge got me invited to the VIP Cocktail party - only half the people in the apartment suites were invited. When I got to the party (my fellow traveling roommates did not wish to attend as they had spa appointments and could care less about meeting the Captain) I was seated with a couple who were on the lowest deck (four) in an inside cabin. They had written to the president of NCL about some problem with the reservation/booking experience and gotten a reply. I think the Hotel Director was told to make sure these two were treated well on the cruise and they sure were. The Captain then came over a took the empty seat, conversing with us for 15 minutes. Then the Food and Beverages Manager (three stripes -responsible for all the resturants and bars and room service) spoke with me for the remainder of the party. The next day I found a dozen chocolate covered stawberries in my cabin with a red rose. Then there was an invite the next day from the Captain for a bridge tour. When I was on the Queen Mary 2, I knew the captain from previous sailings, but it was the social hostess who invited me to all the special occasions, such as the senior officers party whereby they served the largest shrimp I have ever seen, Vintage Champagne (Perrier Joulet) and Premium Vodka on Ice with Servuga Caviar in seemingly unlimited quanities. For the Captains table, Captain Wright told me his secretary picked the passengers in attendance and she told me she looked over everyone's photo from embarkation and selected those who looked "happy and peppy." Our table was close to the captains and I can tell you some of the people at the two dinners held (A two week sailing) looked le the cat had dragged them in as far as dress, however they were dynamos, just smiling and laughing and making the Captain smile all evening. Captain Wright invited me and my friends (who had a vintage flag which they had asked the Captain to fly when in Barbadoes. He did so and invited us up to blow the noon time horn on the bridge. Then after the Senior Officers party I was sent another invitation for a private tour of the bridge. All I can say is that when I am on the ship for the first day at sea, I send a thank you note to the Captain for a wonderful first night on board, as well as the hotel director for the great ship experience. I always get a reply and am treated quite well.
  9. Is very nice. Have sailed in June (first week) on the 33,000 ton small ship Radisson Navigator. We had great seas and the beaches and water temps in Bermuda were wonderful. The daytime temps were in the high seventies and night time was high sixties. I have been on a larger ship (QE2 - 77,000 tons) in May and September and encounterd some pretty bad storms in the Atlantic. Also an RCCL Voyager Class Ship which is 143,000 tons. It does not matter wht size the ship is - if you are experiencing force 7 winds and rough seas, you will feel it in any sized ship. We were on the QM2 (153,000 tons) and experienced some pretty rough seas that sent half the passsengers to sick bay and/or their cabins for room service to bring them to tea/broth and toast. We loved it. Read the information the ship wiil give you on day one about how to deal with rough wind/seas. There is lots of info that will really help you in the event you run into a storm. I have also been there the second week of June (three times) flying from NYC and staying at the former Castle Harbour Resort (near Tucker Town in the east). Great weather and no Atlantic storms to delay our flight. Having been to Bermuda over 20 times, I can say that June was the best month I experienced weather wise. That said, the Atlantic Ocean is always a crap shoot. We sailed to Halifax, Canada the last week of Septerber on the new RCCL Serenade of the Seas and never would have imagined a category 2 hurriccane would barrell its way up to a direct hit on Halifax - on the last day of September' Our ship hightailed it out of Halifax as soon as it was apparant the storm was headed directly to Halifax - which was 91 degrees that day (while NYC was only 70). The jet stream allows for this. Anyway, I think you will have a great time in any event. We have never let the weather and rough seas get in the way of our fun. We had Tsunami like conditions in the solarium pool while trying to out run Hurricane Juan on our Canada cruise (20ft waves). We went in the pool and let the huge waves carry us from side to side. We made an adventure out of it. Jeannie
  10. Is definately not the 2 round prong. I purchased a European Kit that had three different types after my first cruise on the NCL Crown. THe one that worked was this small adapter that had two prongs. What I found out was that being in a suite I could get anything I wanted for this purpose from the butler and conceirge. Upon sailing on the Crown after that in a regular window cabin, that I only needed to go to the reception deck to sign out an adapter which needed to be retunred at the end of sailing. Same thing with the irons, you just need to get them at reception and sign them out. Jeannie
  11. I would write to the Predsident of NCL. Go to the top. I have done this on several occasions and have always been 100% satitfied with the results. Just sent all the documention you have - emails, letters etc. Your TA could call NCL and get a different person each time with a different answer. Just go to the top. The President does care and will delegate this to get resolved. Jeannie
  12. Hi! Have sailed on the QE2 with a small porthole in "Caronia Class" and two bigger portholes in the much desired "Grill Class." We were fine (Pn NCL usually get a balcony and sometimes a suite with butler service. We were on the NCL Crown in the Apartments (603 sq ft with a balcony of 160 sq ft - the size of our previos cabin on the Crown_. Only the Apartments had balcony's which is why we choose them when re-booking. I bring up the Crown as it is an older ship like the NCL PSpirit purchased by parent owner Star Cruises. All I can tell you is that the Crown was a classy ship. They just don't build and decorate ships today likes those from the 1980's. The teenagers and young adults in their twenties seemed to be having a great time and this was a very small ship (33,000 tons). I would not worry about it - they will make their own fun. I have been on the Dawn twice and prefer the older, refurbished ships from NCl as well as the QE2 from Cunard. My friend has sailed on the Dawn, RCCL Radiance and Voyager Class and she is taking her college age daughter and friend on the Spirit this July (having taken them the Dawn previously). I am sure you will all have a great sailing and can't wait to hear about your experiences on the spirit. Jeannie
  13. only know that Risin Sun does - if you google it and bermuda should find out
  14. Jeanne S

    Hair Braiding

    Someone posted this summmer a query regarding what hair braiding services were available in Bermuda and I replied that I'd yet to see any. On my recent trip we walked to Tobacco Bay in St Georges and as you are coming down over the hill and turning right, there is a private house that offers this service - has a sign one cannot miss. It practically adjacent the beach.
  15. We booked through Celebrity's Zenith which is supposed to be somewhat more upscale than RCCL. My friends who went on our Radisson Tour did not find it crowded, but then there were only 441 passegners on board the ship and many were elderly. Generally the morning tours are less crowded than afternoon, but we were on the morning one. I believe the other poster was on Celebrity also - the Horizon. Last year all of us on the tour said we were going to write this up on the comment cards. Some also went to the excursion desk to complain. Am sailing to Bermuda tomorrow on the Navigator. Will be mostly going to the beaches and shopping - the Turtle Bay (Rising Sun II) excursion is not offered when Navigator is in port, ut we may do the 3 hour Swim and Sail in St. Georges - a bargain at $46, especially for Radisson.
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