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  1. I can navigate straight stairs with hand rails, but the "corkscrew" stairs on some Ama ships are a nightmare. Actually took pictures and measured them. Inside step can be only 4 inches towards the bottom. I have been on 6 river cruises and have managed the rafting. Elevators that go to all the decks are a godsend for a lot of us. With all that said, Ama has been in contact with me, and I have a lovely woman managing my booking. Also booked on another Ama cruise for southern France for late fall. So 2021 will be a busy year with two more Ama's !!! Just keeping my fingers crossed that t
  2. All the ships have the stairs, but newer ones like the AmaLea, AmaMora and such also have the elevator that goes all the way down to bottom floor. I always look in the brochure at the diagrams of the ships and it shows which ones have the elevators that go to all three decks.
  3. Thanks for the replies. So far, I have not been able to get answers from AMA or travel agent. I will keep trying of course, but no one seems to have a solution. Older Ama ships have those strange curving stairs from bottom deck with very narrow steps. You almost have to scoot on your bottom if you have any handicap involving your legs !!! I will keep trying to get some answers.
  4. We are booked on the AmaLucia next March/April for the Tulip Time cruise. I found out yesterday, quite by accident, that they are not sure the ship will be completed by sail time. They have not offered any solution. My problem is we are on a very strict schedule (one passenger is a teacher) and we don't have any wiggle room. I was told to wait and see, but if we do that, what happens if other cruise is sold out ? There is one other that we could possibly take, but it is on an old ship with no elevator going to piano deck. I am handicapped and can't easily do those crazy curved stairs.
  5. Just curious, can I ask how much Ama was going to charge to book preferred airline ? Considering this for next cruise. Still debating whether to use frequent flyer miles or book through Ama. Thanks.
  6. I agree with you about the Magna. We much prefer the "regular" ships. We loved the AmaLea, AmaLyra. The Lyra sails the Seine and the Paris to Normandy is my absolute favorite cruise. The villages and Monet's Gardens are not to be missed. And of course the D-Day beaches. Then we sailed on one of the first voyages of the AmaLea and did the Tulip cruise....second favorite. If you go in December, do the Christmas markets on the Rhine. The Danube water levels are too dicey, as we learned the hard way. We are leaving for our second Christmas cruise on the Rhine this December. We have also
  7. I did all that. Check-in complete, cruise paid for............so I called AMA and gentleman said it would be around 60 days out before I could see them. I am a bit confused, as this is our 4th trip with AMA, and I always thought we saw them earlier. Oh well, guess I will wait.
  8. I have the same number on all my documents. Maybe its too early to show excursions or maybe I don't know how to find them. We are 90 days out. Any suggestions ?
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