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  1. Working now! Maybe that nap helped.😔
  2. The lady I'm helping in Michigan sees it as you do. My neighbor in Tennessee only gets obstructed cabins. We both use chrome.
  3. HAL website shows availability of only obstructed view cabins. Online agencies show plentry of cabins. NS 8-27-22. What's going on?
  4. The biggest problem with millennials is they remind older people of who they once were.😁
  5. That is why we chose Regent for our first sail on a luxury line next year. We also considered Silversea. I'm sure Silversea would be enjoyable though. I don't know this, but I suspect there are people(relatives) that dressed for dinner in the past, and it's just a way of life for them. They enjoy it. We enjoy a more laid back atmosphere.
  6. Wow! If she needed to go she had to go. That is some really bad insurance. The policy looks ok, and I will also have Medjet.
  7. I got quotes from competing agents and one of the companies offers travel insurance by Travel insured. It is included as part of their quote. Anyone have any experience with this Insurance offered by crown.
  8. Any idea how much the hotel credit is if you book concierge, but don't stay in their hotel? Which hotels does Regent try to use in Rome?
  9. We tend to avoid the stern on all ships, especially the lower decks.
  10. Things change. Any answer you get today might be incorrect tomorrow. No one knows what things will be like in 3 months or 6 months. We want to book for March, 22. I am not going to book a Med cruise that cannot be cancelled without taking a significant loss. It would be disappointing to be stuck on a cruise ship if cruise ship passengers are not welcome at the ports scheduled to be visited.
  11. Did the ruling say cruise lines cannot require vaccinations? My understanding is the ruling did not say that. We haven't cruised in the Caribbean since 2007. I believe the countries we expect to visit will require vaccinations and most likely test too.
  12. I hope this works out. Voyager on March 26 which visits a few ports we have not been to. It begins in Rome, which we love, so we can explore before the cruise. I'd appreciate opinions of the deluxe veranda suite which I believe is 320' with a 50 ' balcony. Also the added benefit of a concierge suite. I have just started to to research RSSC so I'm sure I'll have a few other questions in a few days.
  13. If Delta is more contagious I doubt many people will want to sail on a RCL cruise out of Florida. My understanding is they will not require vaccinations on those cruises.
  14. 69. I remember Royal Crown and Moon Pies. Lived in Chattanooga for about 30 years, and Moon Pies started there, 1902. I was talking to a friend a few minutes ago, and we agreed that 100 years no longer seems like a long time.
  15. This is an interesting discussion, and a timely one for me. We are considering either Regent or Silversea for our next cruise. We are experience cruisers and travelers, but haven't sailed on either line. I find appealing cruises an both lines when I search. So it boils down to itinerary (most important), ship(500-900 passengers preferred), excellent food and service, and nice public areas. When I read this thread it seems much like any similar one on the Holland America or Celebrity board. The same gripes and comparisons, although not nearly as much about cost cutting. I suspect either Silversea or Regent will be enjoyable.
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