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  1. Because if you are going to buy a stock a set price, you can do that through any broker. The price differential is then the added fee of the commission. If you buy a cruise, the price is the same through any TA (unless the are giving you back part of their commission in violation of the anti-rebating guidelines). There is no added fee that you pay. If you book direct with the cruise line you still pay the same price. So, why does it matter to you how much a travel agent receives in commission?
  2. The difference is that with stock purchases, you pay the commission as an added cost to the purchase. With travel, you don't. The commission comes to the travel agent from the supplier.
  3. You can think what you want. If you want me to judge you by your words and not what was implied, then you should do the same for my assessment. Further, I didn't attack you or anyone else. You were also very careful to capitalize ALL TAs in your original post. Perhaps that's why I picked up an implication. I think we've been over this. I admitted you didn't state that you were giving up, only that it was implied. Please note that I didn't state that you had either. My exact quote was "Don't give up". That means I'm considering that you still haven't made a final decision. Perhaps you were reading implications in my words instead of reading what I said. Pot, meet Kettle. Kettle, meet Pot. I have not defended the unprofessional behavior of my peers. In fact, I condemned those actions. Perhaps you missed that statement. I have not chastised and acted condesending toward you (at least not until this note) or any other consumer (though I will admit that I am highly peeved at your holier than thou attitude). Further, since TAs are not allowed to advertise here, nobody is a customer, prospective or not. We are all just users of a cruise forum, and we all deserve the same amount of respect no matter who we are. I have previously tried to show that respect to you, despite the fact that you obviously have no respect for me. If you can't see that for yourself, please go back and re-read the sequence of posts again. I promise not to post again to this thread unless I need to accept your apology for your rude behavior toward my posts.
  4. Thank-you for your understanding of what I wrote. I'm glad you found a TA that you like and that you have a good working relationship. I hope that continues for many years to come.
  5. Just for the record, the guidelines allow us to list a business name (see "note your professional business" below). We are not allowed to provide any contact information such as URL of website, email address, phone number, or physical address (not even the city or state we are located in). I'll admit that I had not read those guidelines in several years. I'm not sure when the change was made to only sign first name instead of full name. In any event, I've changed my signature block appropriately, and apologize for the error. As for asking for an apology coming across as high-handed, well, you may be right. What's done is done.
  6. I just went ahead and recreated the slideshow tonight. Look to part three for pictures of Dreams Puerto Vallarta.
  7. You know what, you are right. Life's not fair. I absolutely condemn the statement made by the original poster. You are absolutely correct in your assessment of that agent. I did not chastise you or anyone else. I merely used your words that implied that because of this one agent you would not use TA's. Yes, I agree that you never explicitly said that, but the implication was there. So, I chose to defend the profession and urge you not to give up on us. Then you jumped on me like I was being a big bully or something. It is attitudes like yours that make me so rarely even post on this board anymore. I'm sorry I bothered in the first place. I'll go away and leave you to your rose-colored world where you are correct about everything, and never make any mistakes worth apologizing for.
  8. Thanks to those that read and commented. We had no problems making it back to the ship on time. In fact you'll note we had time for shopping afterward. As for pictures of Dreams resort, yes I took pictures and originally they were posted as a slide show to that article. I don't know where the pictures went. I'll have to go back and edit part three and re-create the slideshow. Give me a day or two to get that done.
  9. Hey, calm down. I didn't "call you out", I simply spoke up for the TA community. Remember, in that same post you also wrote: and: Those two quotes certainly implied that you were giving up on TA's. If I read too much into your words, then I'm sorry. I did not attack you at all. I simply defended the Travel Agent community. I feel you went way over the top and owe me an apology.
  10. I was on the Splendor the week of 11/8 - 11/15. I posted a 6 part review on a news site that I am a writer for. Unfortunately, I am not allowed to give you a link or even tell you the name of the site. You might try a google search for "cruise review carnival splendor part one" and you may find it. We did not do any snorkeling or surfing, but Cabo looked like it would be a good place for snorkeling. The surf seemed the biggest in Puerto Vallarta, so I would guess that would be the place to try that. We spent the day at Dreams Puerto Vallarta as a site inspection. In Mazatlan we took a private tour that went to a tequila distillary, leather shop and a bit of sightseeing. In Cabo, we did a private tour that included the glass bottom boat ride to Land's End and then visited a glass blower, a local museum and more. Both private tours were well worth it.
  11. There is no excuse for a passenger revolt over missed ports due to foul weather. If there were missed ports due to mechanical problems, and compensation was not adequate, there is cause for complaint, but not revolt. A couple of years ago I was on the Carnival Victory headed to Cozumel, Limon, Costa Rica, and Cristobal, Panama. We had booked this cruise because we had never been to Panama or Costa Rica. Things went well through Cozumel. On the way to Limon, we told there was some kind of civil unrest going on there, and we were going to Cristobol a day early, and would try to go to Limon on the way back. We rushed to the internet cafe and changed our off-ship tours to be a day earlier and all was well. When we got back onboard, we were told that the civil unrest in Limon was continuing, and we were headed to Ocho Rios instead. While we were disappointed, as we have been to Ocho Rios before, we dealt with it. we contacted our favorite guide to arrange more touring. We even convinced 6 or 7 other passengers to come along with us. So, we all still had a good time, and we brought our guide some extra unexpected income. The bottom line? I still need to book another cruise that will take me to Costa Rica. Anyone that sails during hurricane season needs to know this is a possibility and go with the flow. Taking tips from the crew is not the answer. On that topic, I once heard someone asking how to remove their gratuities, as they never ate in the dining room. I caused a scene when I read them the riot act. "That table was there waiting for you every day. The people were there waiting to serve you every day. Part of the gratuity went to yourr cabin steward. Did you get service in your cabin? Did you give any gratuities to any of the people that served you on the Lido deck? How dare you rip-off those hard-working employees." I got applause from the people that heard my rant. I'll bet they removed the gratuities anyway.
  12. I placed the log book in the Triumph library in Oct. 2003. The Librarian thought it was a really neat idea and didn't laugh at all.
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