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  1. cparkerkite

    Food on the Allure?

    We've been on the Oasis and are cruising on the Allure in May. We've also been on Carnival Dream and Magic. I thought Carnival's buffet was absolutely disgusting. I loathe it. Guys and Blue Iguana are great, but the rest... gross. I thought the dining room food on the Oasis was good and have heard great things about Allure's main dining room. Some of my favorite places on Oasis class ships are Park Cafe (great sandwiches) and Wipe Out Cafe (excellent, fresh breakfast with real eggs). I also like the pizza when it is hot and fresh! Yall try those for sure!
  2. cparkerkite


    Thank you all! Ms411 if you hear from him tell him the Kites said hello and we sure hope he and family are well!
  3. cparkerkite


    I have tried and tried and tried to contact PapaBear, but I've had no luck whatsoever. Does anyone have any current information for him? His website with Have Fun With Us or AirForce One Tours is no longer active. I've sent two facebook posts over the last 8 months to no avail. This makes me so sad, as he was absolutely the BEST tour operator we ever had! 😞 Does anyone have any recommendations for a private tour operator? Recent experiences? There will be 12 of us in our group, so need someone that accomodate a large group and especially Senior Citizen friendly. Thanks! Carla
  4. cparkerkite

    Papa Bear/ Air Force One Tours

    Ms411 - do you have his cell # you can share please? Thanks!
  5. cparkerkite

    Papa Bear/ Air Force One Tours

    Our next cruise is May 2019. Why do I have to put Energized Bunny in the subject line?
  6. cparkerkite

    Papa Bear/ Air Force One Tours

    Well I’m glad he is ok! No I don’t have his number. Does he have an email by any chance?
  7. Has anyone heard from Papa Bear lately? His website isn’t up anymore. Do they have a new website? I want to book a tour with himagain on our next cruise and can’t find him. He isn’t answering on the FB page. Did they go out of business? Please say it isn’t so. Thanks! Carla
  8. cparkerkite

    Laundry on Magic?

    I will do the same thing....bring less and do laundry. I prefer it this way, as I don't like to bring home a bunch of dirty clothes. :)
  9. We got FTTF on our last Carnival cruise (2013) and I personally found it to be worth its weight in gold. At the time, our daughter was 2 1/2, so it REALLY came in handy to not have to lug our carry on around, plus a stroller. We got to the port at 10:30 ish (pulled in to park at the garage) and I think we were on the ship by 10:50. My timing may be off, but I for sure remember that we never waited at all. We also bought it on our upcoming cruise and I plan to be at the port at 10:30 again.
  10. cparkerkite

    Carnival Magic Port Canaveral

    Same with us. We have FTTF and are suite guests. It said 11:30. I think we are just going to arrive at 10:30 and hope for the best. I wanta get this cruise started! :)
  11. cparkerkite

    smoking on Splendor, Conquest and Magic

    I am VERY sensitive to smoke. I'm a former smoker. With how much I detest it now, I wonder how I ever did it in the first place! The smoke smell is something I'm concerned about as well on our upcoming Magic cruise. We aren't casino people, but I think we would enjoy many of things outside of the casino, so I worry that it'll be so smoke filled that we can't. Is the smell and smoke that bad right outside the casino on the Magic? I've heard mixed things, so I'm interested to see what smoke-sensitive people have to say about it.
  12. Did the smell go out into surrounding areas that are not in the casino? We aren't smokers either and I've heard you can smell it everywhere, even in the atrium elevator areas? Would love your input. Thanks!
  13. cparkerkite

    Magic - Northern and South Lights Dining Rooms

    Awesome! Thanks!
  14. Hey everyone! How does Magic determine which passengers go to which dining room? We have 3 families in our group. We all booked together and all of our dining (early) are linked, so I know we'll be together. We are all staying in the Spa section of the ship (2 suites and one reg. balcony).... if that matters on how they pick which dining room? We would love to have a table by the window, but isn't Southern Lights the only one that would have a good window seat for 8? Thanks tons!
  15. cparkerkite

    Carnival magic review

    I find this to be totally true! That's what we did on our first AND second cruise. On our 2nd cruise, we were on the Oasis, so we were trying to do everything on that ship and just isn't possible because of its size (she's huge). We now have our 3rd cruise planned and relaxation is exactly what we will be doing! :)