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  1. Hi, I’m the guy who started this topic over a year ago. Just wondering if your feelings about eating while in a buffet line have changed?
  2. Using your logic here you could pick your nose with your left hand while using the tongs with the other and all would be fine, of course causing only an apparent annoyance to me. 🙄
  3. Sorry folks but I’m going to vent. Last Monday I disembarked the Eclipse after a 29 day B2B from Buenos Aires to San Diego. We had a wonderful time, the crew is fantastic and the ship is in great condition but every time I went to the Oceanview Cafe I’d see numerous people eating while they were in line for food. Eating in the buffet line is the first cousin of double dipping and it isn’t sanitary, people eating greasy bacon then picking up the tongs to get hash browns or sadly not using the tongs. Constantly people were walking from one station to another while eating from their plate and then there was the man ahead of me getting chicken wings one day during lunch who finished devouring one of his 15 or 20 wings, set the bone on the side of his plate and with the same hand picked up the tongs to add another 6 or 7 wings. Most days in the Celebrity Today newsletter they mention the importance of hand washing and staying healthy onboard, it’d be nice if they would mention the basic buffet etiquette of not eating until getting to your table.
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