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  1. That's all good news! Thanks, everybody.
  2. Sorry - another silly cabin question. Have had success with magnets on the newer ships, but not on the Amsterdam, so thought that might be the case also on the Maasdam.. Wondering if anyone remembers if one can use magnets on the Maasdam cabin walls. I like to put up maps, some pictures, etc.
  3. Right. Thanks. Has anyone experienced the smoke drifting down to the deck below? Just realized that our assigned cabin is aft on the starboard side. It looks to be right below the smoking area.
  4. Does anyone know if the smoking area is still at the aft sea view pool? If so is it the entire area, or on one side or the other?
  5. Thanks, everyone, for the info. With us it's not so much a matter of volume, (normally have to use earplugs for shows in the theater), but clarity. So we were hoping for a gizmo that allows an earbud or similar (without a hearing aid). Guess we'll have to wing it!
  6. HAL says they offer an "Assisted Listening System" for folks with hearing difficulties to help hearing in the shows, lectures, etc. Has anyone tried using this? If so, how did it work for you? Does it vary ship to ship? We are considering asking for it on the Maasdam. Appreciate any info. Thanks. Kathy
  7. Having only been in OV cabins on the Zaandam, now deciding between an OV or a Vista Suite on the Maasdam (Deck 9 or 10). How is the motion up there - say compared to the motion on the higher decks on the larger ships like Oosterdam or Zuiderdam, where we've been quite comfortable higher up ? Are the little ships as relatively stable as their larger sisters? We've happily sat in the Lido "round the Horn" on Zaandam, as well as on the larger ships with no ill effects. Would the Maasdam be relatively as stable? Of course, there are always unforseen times of really rough seas, etc., but would be interested in others' observations. The dilemma: OV for stability or Vista for the fresh, clean air. And yes, we do tend to spend time enjoying our cabin. Thanks for any thoughts!
  8. Why might that be? Just curious. Checking for a cruise later this year. Thanks for any info! Kathy
  9. Do you remember what they serve? And is it only on Sea Days?
  10. Thanks everyone, for the info. Was hoping for Ginger Beer (stronger than typical Ginger Ale), but guess not. But plenty of other options. A break from our usual Iced Tea with Lemonade will be nice.
  11. Thinking about purchasing the Sodas & More package, mostly for the mocktails, since I don't drink much soda. But am just curious, what flavors of soda are included? And where would one find the "juices" that are included? Is someone on the Grand now who might know? Thanks for any info! Kathy
  12. Does everyone in the cabin have to purchase the Unlimited Soda & More Package?
  13. Oy. Did you book with a TA or with a Princess rep directly? One of them should be able to help you - get them on the line with the Princess EZAir Desk. Air Canada is waiving fees, etc. for changes due to this issue, and Princess should know this by now. If your contact at Princess won't help you, bump it up to a supervisor right away. Good Luck!
  14. We were aboard the Grand for the Holiday Cruise in December. Our Caribe Deck balcony cabin had no barrel chair when we boarded, but our excellent steward found one for us when we requested it. I fear, though, that during the drydock in March they will off-load any that were left on board. If so, we will not be happy campers on our next cruise! I completely agree with all of you who find it absurd that a cabin occupied by 2 guests would not have adequate (indoor) seating for both passengers other than the bed! Like many of you, my back is not comfortable "lounging" on a bed, and arms on a chair help keep me safe when moving in and out of a chair in heavy seas. What are they thinking? First they completely confuse the MDR dining times, then they make the cabins less than comfortable to enjoy. If they are trying to keep us from relaxing in our cabins, are they going to add more seating in the Atrium and other areas around the ship so one can actually find a seat? Yes, I will e-mail headquarters. So sad that it is even necessary!
  15. Thank you both for your info. PetB, just curious - were you still able to sightsee much?
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