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  1. And if one of you is 85 or so (though healthy) just try to find Medivac (or any other) insurance that doesn't cost more than the cruise. Doesn't look very promising. But we'll just have to wait and see and hope for the best. Really miss cruising!
  2. if you book through a TA, they can see it in their system.
  3. Will they print something out for you if requested? It just seems so shortsighted, as copies were always in great demand. And with cutbacks in daily activities, it was a nice way to spend time.
  4. Just coming back to this board ahead of our upcoming Alaska cruise this May, and I see talk that the daily printed newspapers (NY Times, Canadian, Australian, German, etc.) are supposed to be discontinued? Is that true for all ships? We love sea days and enjoy reading the papers from all over the world every day with our morning coffee. (And no, I don't like to have a phone on when we cruise. And DH doesn't use electronics...)Did they really go through with this? Very disappointing, if true.
  5. If you do get an upsell offer you'd like to take, you might try checking for the open cabins in the category. Make a list of any you'd take and email back with, "We'd like to take advantage of the upsell IF you could confirm cabin xxx or xxx. Worked for us recently. They did try to accommodate us. YMMV but worth a try. Seems that they only work through emails now.
  6. Don't know about the Royal, but on the Grand we found that it varies by itinerary. In the Piazza (and other venues) on our Mexico cruises there have been Mariachi groups rather than classical musicians, and on Hawaii cruises they have had the wonderful "Hawaiian Ambassadors" playing, but no classical. Really wish they would keep the destination-themed musicians in addition to, rather than instead of the classical players. On our recent Alaska cruise they did have Rhapsody, a lively classical trio from Hungary playing classics and "salon music". They were lots of fun - and always had a large crowd! We are fans of classical and try to seek it out (yes, we do sail HAL for that reason!) but with our other main cruise line Princess it is rather hit-or-miss. Hope you get lucky on the Royal! Kathy
  7. Nope. We've sailed on her twice since the March drydock 😄. The stairway situation is the same as ever.🙄 But the ship did look just fine otherwise.
  8. I wish Princess would actually assign and confirm a table for 2 (late traditional dining) in advance. You have to check on boarding every time, and hope they can accommodate your wish even though it's written on all your documents. For some it is important (think hearing issues) to the enjoyment of your cruise.
  9. Thanks, Ine and Hank. Hoped you both would answer. Looks like we'll just have to pop in to the Cathedral on the day and see what might be going on. At least there might be some nice decorations. Probably won't see too many buses (how we usually get around) later in the day, either!
  10. The Solmar beach is definately NOT swimmable. Strong undertow. But the beach itself is nice to stroll and enjoy.
  11. We'll be in PV on the Grand Princess on Dec. 24, sailing out at 11PM - so All Aboard 10PM or so. Are there any particular Christmas Eve events there that we might be able to visit? Hoping to experience a Posada or attend Mass, if there is one early-ish on Christmas Eve. Is there a Christmas Fair there? Princess is just offering their "normal" excursions that day. Since some of you are fortunate to spend the winter in PV, perhaps you might know where we can find info about holiday happenings? Many thanks. Kathy
  12. Thanks much! Covered (though small) will do us just fine.
  13. Having resisted the mega ships for a few years, we've finally decided to maybe give one a try. So my question for the Regal experts: Which decks would have covered or partially covered balconies? We'd probably look for a Deluxe Balcony, since it's important to us to have decent seating in the cabin, too. Thanks in advance for any info and suggestions Kathy
  14. Last time on the Grand, our wonderful steward had his own form for us to fill out with what we wished to swap. That was a first!
  15. For those who know the Grand and the Ruby, what are the main differences? I see that Ruby has no covered pool, and no Alfredo's. Are the Caribe deck balconies half covered on the Ruby? Sorry we're losing the Grand, which we preferred to the Star, but perhaps we'll learn to love the Ruby.
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