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  1. Thank you that’s helpful information
  2. I called NCL but was told as I’d booked through a travel agent they couldn’t access my booking or advise! I’ll try the travel agent tomorrow thanks everyone who has responded
  3. I’d need to get a replacement provisional licence as my purse was stolen with it in
  4. Thanks, yes I had read that they kept the passports. My husband has a driving licence that we can use if we need to use for exchanging money etc but as long as I don’t need the additional ID to get back on the ship then I probably won’t bother getting a provisional licence
  5. Thank you. I’m from the UK and don’t have a driving licence so had planned on just bringing the passport. You are right I’m best giving NCL a call.
  6. I’ve just been completing my online check in for my cruise in Japan/South Korea. I’ve read that I need my passport and another form of government photo ID. I was just thinking I needed a passport. I don’t have any other photo ID. Has anyone been asked for passport and another ID when going on a cruise in Asia? thanks claire
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