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  1. https://dlxffu6hwewxp.cloudfront.net/cas/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/18063159_CAS_MemberBonus_Amenity_List_v3.pdf
  2. Has anyone flown in to the Long Beach airport, specifically on an Embraer 175 plane? We are planning a trip there and that is the closest airport but my wife uses a mobility scooter and I was trying to find out if that airport has gangways to the planes or do you have to climb stairs to board?
  3. Did anyone see the recent video (I wish I could find the link) with Ken Rush and Michael Bayley talking about Royal Caribbean memorabilia? I think it was called Looking Back. At one point they showed a whole display of crystal blocks and neither one of them knew what the blocks where given for. They finally decided the blocks were for Pinnacle members. It was funny but I thought it was hard to believe neither one knew about them!
  4. I just tried both those ships and it only shows handicapped accessible when I select the handicapped option.
  5. oh, you’re right! I forgot about the credits to points change effecting that. I’ve earned all of my blocks after that change.
  6. all you need to do is call the C&A desk and tell them you didn’t get them. They can see what ships you were on at 140 and 210 points and will have them mailed to you. I’m curious as to what you mean my changing the program. I do not think the crystal block program has changed since it started.
  7. I am working with someone from Michael Bayley’s office. They seem to be getting some of it fixed. Best I can tell is the Freedom, Oasis and Quantum Class ships are still showing regular cabins. On all other classes, the ones I tried are working okay.
  8. Anyone know what year they started giving the crystal blocks?
  9. Does anyone know if it includes the extras you can add on like in Chops, adding a lobster tail, etc. Also, I haven’t seen anything since it only talks about lunch and dinner, does it include the $7.95 room service charge?
  10. I’m not flying Air Canada. I’m flying American and I have already talked to them.
  11. It’s not as simple as you think and I was merely asking a few questions about traveling with the bigger scooter as we see many people using them. The travel scooter is fine but the bigger one is more comfortable to ride for hours at a time and it is more stable so we are just curious about traveling with it by plane. When we cruise out of Galveston, we drive there so it is easy to take either one. Just asking a few questions to see if we want to try flying with the bigger one.
  12. My wife uses a Transformer also and we love traveling with it!
  13. My wife uses a scooter and I have a couple of questions. First some background: she has 2 scooters, a Go-go Pride and a Solax Transformer. She mainly uses the Pride around town and we have done 11 cruises with the Transformer mainly because it folds up to the size of a medium sized piece of luggage and is great to travel with especially transporting it in taxis. We are considering traveling with the Pride scooter as it is much easier for her to handle and ride, much more stable. So I have to questions about traveling with a full size scooter! 1) When you ride it down the gangwa
  14. I thought we might need one at the hotel for my wife’s CPAP machine. I carried it for 3 cruises and never needed it at the hotel as there was always a plug close to the bed. On the first two cruises they never noticed it but confiscated it on our third one. When we disembarked we forgot to pick it up as we left!
  15. I have taken this exact same one on several cruises with no problem!
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