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  1. Ohh, great idea. If you're not already planning on a massage or something, may as well pick up some free stuff! Even if the tag is overpriced, free is still free!
  2. They're nice if you're already planning on doing something, but don't have a specific time slot you already reserved in advance!
  3. Sounds like you may be on the Magic with us! Amber Cove is the only port we actually booked a Carnival excursion in. We did the Ocean World/dolphins thing, there were some all-inclusive resorts that looked pretty fun too. Every other place, we found local things to do.
  4. How does the cashing out at the Casino thing work? I keep seeing mentions of this, but no actual details on how it's done.
  5. Ahh, awesome advice, thank you! How long did the city tour take? We have to be back at the ship by 2:00 for some plans, but the ship arrives at 8:00. which would give us a solid 4 hours at the very least, with time built in for showering once we're back on board & any unexpected delays. I definitely plan on showing up for that, no guarantee we'll be picked though. She has absolutely no filter, so it should make for an interesting time, haha. I've never used the room service either, but I'll have to try it out this cruise for sure.
  6. Did you ever get the chance to try out Mongolian Wok or Tandoor? Those are the two spots I've heard the most good things about. If everything else is terrible, I'm totally fine eating pizza all week too :')
  7. I requested a table by the window for the dining room, didn't ask for a 2 seater though. I'd much prefer a table that has a view of the ocean & isn't in the middle of the dining room with waiters & guests constantly shuffling around us. We're pretty social & having other people at the table certainly wouldn't be a bad thing in our book! She's not too big on champagne, but I did get a few special things for our cabin that will be waiting there. I got Faster to the Fun as well, before the most recent price increase too! Thanks for the wishes :)
  8. Yeah, seating by the pool is highly contested, I've always avoided it all-together. I much prefer the quieter decks away from the crowd. As far as food goes, if you book a budget cruise line & expect 5 star dining for every meal, it's not going to live up to your expectations. As long as it's edible, that's all I really expect out of a buffet.
  9. We probably won't pack an actual speaker, our phones have stereo speakers that should do the job just fine in a small room, haha. I'll go ahead & call Carnival today, but I doubt there will be any sort of upgrade offers. The ship is almost totally sold out- all balcony & spa rooms are gone. The only upgrade I'd consider leaving our spa room for is a suite & I highly doubt the difference between an interior spa & a suite is small enough for us to afford. We're a younger couple that doesn't have a ton of extra money unfortunately. Saved pretty much since I proposed for this trip & we aren't even having an actual "wedding", just family at the courthouse. We'll definitely be doing something like this again for an anniversary if she enjoys it though!
  10. That's awesome!! My parents paid for all of our excursions as their wedding gift which was a massive help. The rest is on us, but we've been saving for it for over a year. This was a nice, last minute surprise that helped a ton, I'm sure your son & his fiancee appreciated it too!
  11. I'm sailing on the Magic September 8th, so ping me the day before to remind me to check!
  12. Already in the works! We actually have 2 of 4 "unplanned". In Grand Turk, we're going to wander over to Jack's Shack for the jerk chicken, because she's a massive Jamaican food fan. The rest of the day, we'll either just roam around on the beach, or head back to the ship. In San Juan, we'll almost definitely be staying on-board all day, unless for some reason, we're just sick of the ship at that point, haha.
  13. Realistically, you could print a sign that simply said, "We're still here, just getting more food. Please don't clear our table :)" There's nothing you can (or should) do to prevent other cruisers from simply taking the table since it's not occupied if both of you are up. But at least the sign may prevent staff from clearing the table. I've had that happen to me a couple of times & it's mildly frustrating. But the way I see it, I can just go back & get fresh food/drinks if mine are cleared away.
  14. Glad to hear it sounds like I made the right choice! I did a lot of research before booking this particular ship & itinerary. 15 days away now!! Ohhh, good to know, thanks! Now I'm back to trying to decide between the 2 options, haha.
  15. I've looked at that & it looks like it's discounted from $299 to $239, so not massive, but enough to make a difference. My biggest issue I see now with booking in advance is that it will show up in our booking info. Since I'm wanting this to be a surprise, looks like waiting is going to be the right way to go regardless of discounts! Yep, we'll be on the Magic. For us, the spa interior cabin was the way to go without a question! Massive price difference & much more perks than just having a balcony & a bit more space.
  16. We're on the Magic as well, I'll post some sort of update afterward of how our Spa cabin was! I really don't really get people's fixation on balcony cabins. I've had one before & choosing between just having a balcony & nothing else vs an interior room + excursions + spa access + massages + multiple nights of steakhouse & Italian + extra money left for drinks/souvenirs/pictures was a pretty easy choice for me. It's more of a slightly nice bonus rather than an actual experience. We'll only be in the room to change & at night, so as long as there's a bed, I'm happy with it. I figured that would be the case for the spa reservations, thanks for the advice! The time we do it isn't that important, so I'm fine waiting to save some money to spend on other things.
  17. I'm planning on booking a couples massage during one of our port days. I keep reading about deals that will come to your cabin on port days, but I wasn't sure how common that is. Is it pretty much a guaranteed thing, or hit & miss? I'm fine keeping a flexible schedule that day to save $50 to use somewhere else. But I don't want to risk everything being booked either! Also, we've got a spa cabin which comes with "priority spa reservations". Anyone have an idea of what that actually means?
  18. We actually did a Spa interior room. We considered doing a balcony, but it would have nearly doubled the price for very little actual gain. I've had a balcony room before & while it was obviously nicer than an interior room, it wasn't remotely worth the price. Especially when it's the difference between being able to pay everything down in cash vs. taking out $1,000- or more if we did a spa balcony- in credit card debt. / She's been out of work for a few months & just had heart surgery to fix everything, so money was a big factor in planning things. I figured I could either blow all of our money on a slightly bigger room with a window, or I could use it all on actual experiences like excursions, specialty dining, massages, etc. We'll be sure to eat in the MDR on those nights! We got her some really nice dresses last week to wear those nights & a... some fancy word for "after the ceremony" dress. I think we'll be eating there for the first night for sure & the 2 elegant nights. We'll be in the Steakhouse 2 nights & Italian 1. We'll decide what do do for that last night when we get to it. We'll definitely do that, haha. I'm planning on putting together some door decorations too.
  19. I considered this, but I wanted to use the Steakhouse as a "break" from the MDR. Plus, we're doing a set dining time, so I didn't want to miss the first night of meeting who we'll be with for servers & other guests at the table. We've already made each other promise we'll do karaoke at least once, haha. Neither of us have evevr done it before.
  20. I may actually end up adding the Italian, rather than substituting it. I didn't realize it was so much cheaper than the Steakhouse.
  21. Definitely will be making to both the comedy club & the piano bar!! These were my 2 favorite parts of my previous cruises. She's never been on one before, so she has no idea what to expect. I normally avoid the photographers like the plague, but I do think taking lots of pictures is on the agenda this time around! Thanks, we're both looking forward to it :D. We decided instead of having an elaborate wedding where we paid thousands of dollars on a few hours, we were just going to do something super small with immediate family & take all the money we saved to go on an awesome honeymoon.
  22. It's not as special as it sounds, but it's kinda neat if you're looking for somewhere to get away from the noise & crowds. Someone else can chime in on the exact floor(s) for your ship, but there are some decks that have a door at the end of the cabin hallways that goes out onto a small deck on the front of the ship. There are usually a couple of benches & that's about it. It's very windy, as there's nothing to block the ocean wind in front of you.
  23. I'm getting married in a couple of weeks & I've been the one planning the honeymoon. As far as my fiancée knows, all we have planned for the cruise are excursions at St. Thomas (SCUBA diving) & Amber Cove (Dolphin encounter/ocean world). I've also got us spa passes, have a couple nights reserved in the Steak House, & have a couples aroma stone massage planned as surprises. Anyone have some good ideas on what to do in addition to all of this? Should I change one of the steak house nights to the Italian restaurant? I considered doing the Chef's table too, but by the looks of it, neither of our pallets are nearly that...refined :'). Any thoughts on the aroma stone massage vs the other types? She's wanting the cruise to be mostly relaxing, which is why I went lighter on the excursions & heavier on the food/spa stuff.
  24. As far as the Spa tours go, I keep reading about specials during the tour. Anyone have experience with that? Is it worth waiting, or if I know I'm going to be doing something, should I just book ahead of time to reserve a spot? We have a spa cabin too (honeymoon :D), & I've read about discounts for those as well. I didn't see anywhere to specify you're in a spa cabin during pre-booking though, so I wasn't sure if it worked like that.
  25. The ones they sent us are unused/unactivated. They sent them as a reimbursement for overpayment, since our total was now cheaper. They aren't the original cards we used to pay for them, we just got these in the mail.
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