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  1. i normally get obc for about 7 to 10 per cent of rate mnus the port fees . i know discussing specific company is not ok but as a rule is that less than some ta could do and no specific company but a genral question . i can research myself thanks for your help as well
  2. when is the next wow i was thinking late jan ??? thanks for you suggestion
  3. i am looking at a october 4th 2020 oasis trip out of cape liberty.I just missed kids sail free promo ( school calendar just came out for next year) Is there any time that promo will show back up. Also this will be the 1st time i will need 5 staterooms ,any money saving suggestions will be helpful.Thanks for any help
  4. thanks for your response will try and pair up with another couple
  5. me and my wife will be at the royal caribbean cruise port in cozumel on 10/8 .we booked mr sanchos for the day . i am looking for the cheapest transportation to and from thanks for any advice
  6. thanks i was hoping you would respond i can always count on your advise / answers i
  7. quick question does the liberty of the seas offer the wrist band key cards that can be used liked the set sail card ????
  8. sorry i was not specific i will get galveston express to the port from the hotel and from the port to the airport
  9. . i am looking for a hotel with a shuttle service that has some resturants within walking distance. i arrive at hobby ar 7;10 for a galveston cruise the next day. thanks for any suggestions
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