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  1. I guess I confused some people. Yes, there were 9 of us, but that only applied to dinner and the escape room. We did offer to sit at two different tables for dinner as long as they were beside each other, but that didn’t work either. 4 were teenagers who did their own thing, which was sleeping till noon, roaming the ship and eating pizza. It was only the 5 adults that would have wanted to see the shows. yes there were places for handicapped, but they were all full too. Another FYI for you with teens, you need tied shoes to do the zip lining. 3/4 of the kids on that ship wore CROCS 😃
  2. FYI - there were 9 of us on the week of Thanksgiving. We tried 3 months out, 1 month out and daily until cruise time to book show and restaurants. Each time it stated ‘can only reserve once on board ship’. Because of traffic and parking conditions we were not able to get on board until 1:00. I sat down immediately to book things. Everything was totally booked. Hairspray, aqua show and ice shows. Every specialty restaurant, every time for the escape room. There was nothing available. I’ve defended large ships, having sailed Thanksgiving for three years on the biggest ship at that time, stating there was so much to do that it was never crowded. COVID did keep me from sailing the last two years. Well, this ship was crowded! Because there was nothing to do. Hairspray only showed 3 times, the aqua show 3 times, but on only 2 days. The lines for those waiting in case reserved guests didn’t show up were enormous and took up a lot of space. There were 2 or 3 trivia games per day that attracted, maybe 25 people. The Promenade was packed with people wandering around. We had my time dining and could only get 9:15 PM. No amount of coaxing or waiting in line helped. We were one of the last served in the main dining room and the food was cold. Using the WindJammer wasn’t a help because it was a zoo. There were only 12 seats in the smoking section on deck 15. 6000 passengers and only 12 Adirondack chairs?! This was my 13th cruise with RCI and I got no welcome snack, no animal towels and the napkins in the dining room were just folded basically and laid on the plate. They always put the tree up overnight on Thanksgiving. Not this year. When we left Saturday, it wasn’t up. The final straw came when another passenger threw up on me and my scooter. RCI did come quickly and cleaned the floor, my scooter and gave a very nice lady a cloth to clean my back. After I showered and ‘Clorox wiped the heck out of my scooter’, I called for someone to launder my clothes. They refused, stating it would contaminate the machines. They stated they ‘take vomit very seriously’. When I asked about all the other body fluids that are on the sheets regularly, they hung up on me. This review is just to warn you about the reservation issue. The rest is just my venting. Thanks for listening.
  3. While looking at the scheduled entertainment for the Symphony on the daily planner app, I don’t see a ‘broadway type’ show. The ice and aqua shows appear to be only shown once. Has anybody been on the Symphony recently? Please tell me if this is true?
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