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  1. Math is wonderful, yes but the average of 10 and 4 is 7, not 8!
  2. 9 months ago would be the most recent Christmas season so, yes, that would qualify as recent.
  3. We’ll be on the Transatlantic. I’ll look for you. If you look like your profile pic we’ll find you. I don’t look like mine though!
  4. Look at any cruise line thread - go back 10+ years and you will see similar conversations and similar comments. Things are so bad, cruise lines are doing the wrong things, I hate this change, I hate that change, etc. This is noting new and a lot of this is just people venting frustrations. Ships sail mainly full and the prices are not taking a hit so I am not seeing any troubled waters.
  5. My thoughts exactly. So many places of business just automatically serve drinks with straws. So unnecessary. My guess is that 90% of folks would not miss the straw if it was not there. Disabilities and temperature sensibilities aside, straws are not a necessary item.
  6. Folks, it’s a song used as music in an ad for cruising. Reading anything else into it is silly.
  7. Thanks to all - does anyone know if the Accessible shy suites still have the bathtub?
  8. We are leaning towards making a bid for the first time. Question: Is it possible that if we make a bid and it is accepted that we'd end up in an accessible cabin? That is a situation we would not want.
  9. Us too! We call it the pharmacy bag. Nyquil tablets, lozenges, Rolaids, aspirin, etc.
  10. Cold a/c, cold weather, etc. cannot cause a cold or illness. That is a old wives tale. Germs cause a cold. The vitamin C may help, but other than keeping you comfortable, the sweater will not fend off a cold.
  11. Not just you. We get sick at home during the year sometimes, but not often. We cruise every fall. 4 of our last 5 cruises me, my wife or both of us have become ill at some point on the cruise. The ailments have ranged from colds, to respiratory infections to bronchitis. Last year I had bronchitis so bad that I had to sleep in the guest room for 10 days after we got home. Some of these cruises have involved long flights, some have not. We try as best we can to wash our hands and sanitize - we even wipe down the airplane surfaces around our seats with wipes as soon as we board and we wipe the surfaces in our cabin after we arrive. We are going to try something this year - I have read so many stories here about unsanitary behavior at the buffet. To the extent that we can, this fall we are going to avoid the buffet. Of course we have no idea if this is the cause of our past ailments, but based on our behavior/habits this seems to us to be the most likely culprit so we're going to give it a shot and see how it works. 4000 to 5000 people in a confined space for 2 weeks tends to fester germs. We're not germaphobes, we're just tired of getting sick doing one thing we really enjoy....cruising.
  12. Taking out 24th cruise in November - purchased cruise insurance for the 24th time in July before we made final payment.
  13. Of course. Just rude to put feet where people may eat. Trust me, because of things like this we wipe EVERYTHING in the cabin down as soon as we get in. What pushed us to start doing that? The thread we read about the people that used their suitcase for their clean clothes and used the cabin drawers for their dirty clothes.
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