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  1. 100% this is what is needed to keep cruising as safe as possible in the short term, but this is not anything I would want any part of. These protocols are totally necessary but would make for one bummer of a 'vacation'. I'll wait until next year. Hoping now they will give the official word that our November cruise is cancelled soon.
  2. Seriously? They are reeeeeeally stretching out this tease aren't they?
  3. Awesome! So even though the health risk is low to YOU if you catch it, you can still be infected with mild to no symptoms and not worry about getting very ill all the while spreading the virus to others who are in the very categories you mention. This is why the virus keeps spreading. Kudos to you.
  4. That's above my head - I'm not even sure what that means.
  5. Have you ever sailed during spring break? In addition to the obvious, current issues that would make me nervous as well! Interested to hear your thoughts on that.
  6. To each his/her own. We have taken 25 cruises. 23 with balconies. We did the Edge this past fall with an IV. Best of all things. 1- With the divider open and the glass up it is an extension of the room. 2- You can leave the divider open and lower the glass for “window” type experience. BUT 3- If you close the divider, open the glass you have what to us felt exactly like a standard balcony. How anyone would feel like it didn’t is beyond me. Only minor annoyance is when the bridge closes the glass due to weather but for us those were mostly at times we would not want
  7. Sailed Edge in November (Transatlantic). Did not run a speed test (I usually only do this if I am having issues) but we had zero issues watching Netflix, YouTube or anything else while relaxing in the cabin or by the pool.
  8. I would not disagree with that statement at all. Electronic noise is just an amplified version of what you are referencing except it has the added bonus of sharp, tinny sound that cuts through the air like a knife.
  9. LIKE LIKE LIKE LIKE LIKE!!! One clarification though (and Floater this is not specifically aimed at you, it just seems like an appropriate place to mention this).... Many of us generalize that when we see a lot of people on their phones we think they are all on their phones all the time. While this is true in many cases, when there are 3000 people on a ship and you see 100 people on their phones, it may seem like 'everyone all the time' but it is a relatively small percentage. This being said, many people are on their phones way too much and those that us
  10. For the record, mine is chocolate chip!
  11. Might help to put what you're referencing in the title of your thread. Without opening, one might conclude that you're asking what our favorite cookie flavor is!
  12. Yes, 100% true. Facetime conversations are MUCH louder than a typical face to face conversation and one end of the conversation is from a small, tinny speaker that cuts through the air like a knife if the person on the device is not using headphones (which, let's admit is at least half of the time). Last cruise we were on there was a woman talking into her iPad by the spa pool. Several passengers went over to her and asked her to lower it. I was on my way over to do so as well when one of the pool attendants got to her and asked her to turn it off or turn it down. She was completely cluel
  13. Oh my goodness this is the WORST. If you are using a device anywhere outside of your house, have at it but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE use headphones of you are watching a video, listening to music or using facetime.
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