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  1. The tour I did was not self guided, however we were the only two people booked. It was more like a private tour. The company we used was Iguanamama eat, drink and be merry. The cost was $75 pp on Christmas Day.
  2. I saw someone with a beautiful conch shell near Jack's Shack. I asked if he found it out there. He told me, "go to the right of the ship."
  3. Unfortunately, I did not see any parasailing at all. I wondered about that myself.
  4. If you go to Beach area on the left, there are plenty of water sport activities. Horseback riding was one that I saw. The beach was crowded, so it was more of a lady on the horse with the guide walking alongside in the sand. I did not actually see them get into the ocean.
  5. Just returned from Dec23-28th cruise on Elation. I agree with everything Organized Chaos posted. The crew did pass out santa hats with Carnival logo during the tree lighting. They also passed out bracelets with 4 bells attached. Quantities were limited; not everyone received them. Around the atrium bar was the best place to get stuff. I added my own decoration to the cabin door with items purchased from the Dollar Tree. Also, the dining rooms had Christmas trees. That was it.
  6. I did the Chef's Table on the Elation, December 26th. It was a great experience, and something I would book if I cruise with Carnival again. As previous posts stated about the 18% gratuity, I was confused at the end of the dinner. The hostess gave everyone receipts and pens at the end. So, I thought well maybe we add out own tip. I ended up leaving another 15% for my mother and I. Our account showed both amounts. I thought that was tacky to put us on the spot for "extras" if it was already included. It was no big deal, but they won't get me again.😊
  7. I used wrapping paper and cut up gift bags to celebrate my Mom's Christmas birthday. I saw another door with a similar decoration. I used a combination of the blue puddy and Scotch tape. The puddy left some residue that I had to rub off. The room stewards gave me compliments.
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