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  1. LFK hands down!! Its the ONLY place to go in Roatan. No questions asked.
  2. Can we use them and if so is it hard finding them? If not what's the best way ? Thanks
  3. To make you happy its Trunk Bay .... Lol ... I do everything from this phone. Thanks for the help.
  4. How hard is it getting there and back?? Thanks for any of the info you can give. Thanks.
  5. What do you guys think about this beach?? We have been to Corky and Megans Bay. Looking for something different. We liked Megans Bay better than Corky. Just to give some info on us. How is Lindqvist? I know its more low key. Doesn't seem like its talked about on here a lot and we was thinking about going next week. It was between Lindqvist and Turk and we seem to think the trouble getting there and back just isn't worth it. Thanks for the help everyone.
  6. X2.... Coki Beach is a joke. Once and never again. If I had to choose between either Coki or Meagans... I have been to both, Meagans hands down. Good luck!!!
  7. Matt is hands down the best Carnival has!!!
  8. Thank you for this thread I just checked our cruise for the Magic and finally got it also!!! Thanks again!!
  9. Sorry I posted this is the wrong spot. I would like to remove it just not sure how. Thanks
  10. Does anyone know of a little local bar that's pretty cool to hangout at here? Looking for a co spot to hangout and have a couple beer/drinks. Thanks
  11. We are just looking to go somewhere cool and hangout for the day.... Thanks.
  12. We are 56 days till cruise day. I have checked and checked for FTTF. Will anymore come open or am I just out of luck? Thanks.
  13. Does anyone know the earliest times you can choose from? Has anyone went out of PC lately and how strict are they? Last year they was strict at all. I am just wondering this for this year thanks.
  14. Found this thread through the search. We are looking to book the Magic tomorrow and I am wondering if this is still true. That they do have a live table on the Magic? Also can anyone tell me the MIn? Thanks
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