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  1. Also people escaping the cold from Melbourne. I would think Brisbane would be most suitable - and I don't really mind Brisbane or Sydney - but Brisbane would be able to take Oasis6, Sydney not so much. Location of Lelepa lends it to to a stop in Noumea as well - anyone know if Noumea can handle an Oasis? It appears Quantum is angling towards replacing Voyager in S.E. Asia following its upcoming dry dock, leaving Voyager free for year round Australian deployment. Saturday to Saturday 7 night cruises from Brisbane with two stops (possibly three if Voyager or Ovation) would be the most logical - and probably the most popular.
  2. I’d see not leaving from Sydney as a selling point, but each to their own [emoji6] Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  3. These is clearly a market with Cunard and Princess homeporting from Melbourne. Royal will have no problems reaching capacity if they brought a voyager class to be homeported in Melbourne. Leaving from Sydney harbour is nice, but the lack of a beautiful port hasn’t exactly harmed the industry overseas. Station pier has a nice view of Melbourne from it, but the facilities do need to be improved. From first hand experience leaving Melbourne, so many flights to and from Sydney for cruises are packed with people, there is clear demand. Plus for those like me who require a day in Sydney to ensure no fog delays for flights, I would only see it as a day extra and I know that I’m not alone. Plus the way flights are going, two nights extra on a cruise will likely be cheaper than return flights anyway. Cruises to the pacific from Melbourne don’t include a NSW stop now, so why would Royal add one? Plus a huge number of Royal itineraries are now very light on in port days - I was on a 12 night cruise with 4 port days from Sydney - so why would they feel bad about sea days (read: money making days) when they already do that anyway? Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  4. http://www.vicports.vic.gov.au/cruise-shipping/Pages/cruise-ship-schedule-3.aspx The schedule for station pier in Melbourne for 2020-2021 has a lot of full turnarounds for Explorer of the Seas proposed. Should I be excited or should I not get my hopes up?
  5. Jamie's Italian is wonderful. Well worth the cover charge. Book in the cruise planner before getting on board if you are going, was very popular during our cruise.
  6. We did this on Ovation over the holiday period. The old Sea Pass cards were cancelled and replaced. Worked both as room key and for charging. Hope it is the same on Oasis - was very easy for us.
  7. The Ovation will be coming from Australia to Alaska. Ovation sailings from Australia already have the MDR menus changed from the Asian sailings. We have the traditional RCCL MDR menus. Escargot, ceasar salad, strip loin, pasta and all the usuals you know and (maybe) love. The MDR menus are wholly changed when the ship repositions from Singapore to Sydney. This is likely to be the menus that you receive on sailings in Alaska. It will not be food catered to Asian customers, it will be the standard RCCL fare, which is what all ships leaving Australia receive (Radiance, Explorer, Voyager and Ovation). I was on her for a trip around New Zealand over New Years for 12 nights and whilst the signs around the ship were in Mandarin and English and there was a Kung Fu Panda noodle shop, there was no noticable difference from any other RCCL sailing I have been on. She is a wonderful ship and I'm looking forward to going back on her November next year. Make sure you read reviews from Australian cruises (November through April) to get a better understanding of what the cruise will be like. Cruises that are Asian based have many differences. Some examples:- 1. No Diamond Lounge as this is the VIP casino room 2. Solarium access only for suite guests or pinnacle club members 3. Charges for using North Star, iFly, Bumper Cars etc 4. Wholly changed menus and hot pot in the Windjammer. These all do not occur on cruises departing Australia and will not on cruises departing for Alaska. I think she would be a wonderful ship to cruise Alaska on and if I get the change over the next few years I would happily book her.
  8. Spends half a year in Australia, menus are very traditional with no speciality Asian food. There won’t be many changes, although I think they may get rid of the signage being in both English and Mandarin. Only difference from Anthem is the Kung Fu Panda noodle restaurant in place of Johnny Rockets.
  9. Anthem to Alaska after a winter in Asia/Australia maybe? Alaska seems to be a big pot of gold for new ships, especially with NCL’s push. No reason they wouldn’t have Ovation and Anthem there as they are both perfect for the climate. I would love an Oasis class to come down to Australia, just can’t see it happening due to the fact it has to go two thirds around the world to get to the east coast of America unless it’s going to be in Asia as well. But with Spectrum coming it’s probably too much. Also, I don’t think it would be possible until they announce where the ‘perfect day’ island they have in Asia/Australia is and that would probably dictate where it is homeported.
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