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  1. The Arancini appetizer is amazing! I absolutely love it. Nonna's meatball is really good, but it has a little spicy kick to it (not everyone likes that). My favorite entrée is the chicken parmigiana. It is so delicious. You really can't go wrong with their menu. My husband has enjoyed everything he has eaten as well.

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  2. On 2/27/2020 at 8:53 PM, Thrak said:

    Hmmm... Went ahead and downloaded the app. Installed it and put in my booking number. I was extremely surprised that it recognized a cruise that doesn't sail until May of 2021 but it did and filled in the cruise info. Then I tried to do the profile setup. I put in my email and it asked for a password. Tried my regular Princess password and it said incorrect. Tried my old Princess password and it doesn't even say incorrect but, instead, just sits there doing nothing at all and still showing the same page. It doesn't even clear out the password field - it just does nothing.


    I can't imagine I'm the first one with this problem but a quick perusal and search off this topic didn't help. What's the deal?


    Edit: Tried again. Now the password field is completely unresponsive. I can't even enter text.

    I"m having trouble with the medallion app as well. This is my first Princess Cruise. I downloaded the app and can log in with my booking number, but I can't update my profile at all. The app wants me to sign in with my email and password. I tried my ocean.com and princess.com accounts and nothing works. My husband's app won't even allow him to access his app with the booking number. Our travel companions have been able to log in without any issues using their princess.com information. Any ideas?

  3. 3 hours ago, Marauder40 said:

    Lots more to come, probably will try to put up one post a day.  Our itinerary was Half Moon Cay, Grand Turk, and Amber Cove.


    Things coming up include:

    * What is that yellow stuff on the balcony?

    * Problems with Club O2.

    * Problems with Camp Ocean Sharks

    * Lost prescription glasses in Margaritaville

    * Daughter's new addiction to shopping/free stuff

    * Big 3/Zip-lining adventure in Amber Cove

    We are sailing on the Magic for the first time in October. Looking forward to the rest of your review. Thanks for sharing.

  4. On 8/2/2019 at 12:20 PM, dfencecoach said:


    It is very convenient to any last minute shopping that you need to do.  Our room was good but we were in the new section. The old section had a very bad smell to it.  The breakfast was ok.  If you need the shuttle I would call ahead and pre arrange it.  We did this for ten o’clock and it worked very smoothly.  We also used the same shuttle after the cruise to delivery us to the airport.  I would use this hotel again.

    I am staying at this hotel before my next cruise. Was the shuttle to the cruise port included or extra? Also, we need a shuttle from the airport to the hotel. I read that was included. Did you experience this? Thanks.

  5. Pixels: I LOVE LOVE that I can look at and purchase them through the Carnival Hub app. Best thing they have ever done. I didn't have to go to the Pixels store once.


    Hi, thanks for the review. I have a question about Pixels on the Paradise. Did you get printed photos or were they sent to your phone digitally? Thanks.

  6. I'm sailing on the Paradise in October. I'm curious about the Pixels gallery. I know this ship has digital photos now, but does that mean when you purchase photos you only get a digital version or do they still print them? If it is only digital, do they give you a thumb drive with the photos you've purchased?

  7. My DH did go on a fishing excursion with Dorothy Charters while we were in Aruba on April 30th. He had a great time and caught wahoo. The owner of the charter picked him up right outside of the port entrance, which was very convenient. He also dropped him off after the excursion. He said he would recommend Dorothy Charters.

  8. When we were on the Magic a few months ago they had just implemented the new menu in the Steakhouse. I believe it rolled out on the Magic and one other ship. My sister is on the Conquest this week and said they still have the old menu. I will be on the Sunshine next month, and my sister asked if the new menu had been implemented on that ship and was told they still have the old menu. I'm wondering if maybe they are not going to change the menu throughout the fleet. In my opinion the old menu is so much better than the new one.


    I will be on the Sunshine in less than a month and am also trying to find out when they will have the new steakhouse menu. If I find out before I go, I'll post again. Hopefully, someone will post before we leave and let us all know. Have a great time.

  9. Curacao, part one


    Our stop at the distillery was interesting but, I felt, rushed. I wanted to take time to wander around and read about how the drink is produced but with only 15 minutes allowed I just quickly took photos of everything. What was annoying was that we then ended up waiting on the bus for a further 15 minutes for some of the people on the tour who had been buying stuff in the distillery shop.






    Up next:

    Part two of our long port call in Curacao




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    Thanks for sharing. What were the prices like at the distillery?

  10. My husband would like to take a fishing pole on our cruise and fish off the shore in Aruba. I've seen some posts that mention you can fish at some of the resorts, but can you fish off the shore or pier on your own without going to a resort? Does he need any sort of fishing license? Thanks in advance for any help.

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