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  1. Just about every locality has laws against public nudity and people who violate are either arrested or taken for observation. You are not going to win first amendment there just as you can’t yell fire in a theater or slander without consequences. Most medical experts say death toll is understated as is number with Covid. Cases are now at almost 100 k per day and deaths at almost 1k even with more saved. as I mentioned herd immunity would require infection rate over 65%: just because you think it is flawed does not mean you can’t extrapolate. Sorry I didn’t specify US origin.
  2. Can the government require you to wear masks? They require you to wear clothes in public and that’s not really seen as a violation of rights. The death rate for those who have gotten COVID is approx 2.5% (230k out of 9 million). If you extrapolate that for herd immunity you are looking at 7 million deaths. The Spanish Flu of last century originated in Kansas.
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