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  1. I bought trip insurance through Delta for that trip. When it was cancelled, I called Delta and asked if I needed to call the Ins carrier to file a claim she said no I will just refund you now. I received a credit back to my card in 48 hours.
  2. Thats good to know, we will see if Carnival budges on it.
  3. Carnival cancelled the Dec 5 Breeze cruise in order to accommodate the Radience cruisers. I was given the option to refund all money paid or roll to the Magic Dec 5 with $650 obc, which I chose the Magic, I paid another deposit for the Magic$250, so now I'm in for $1250. Just made final payment of $400. Now paid in full at $1650. IF Carnival cancels this one, I no longer have the option to get a 100% refund. the $1000 that was moved from the Breeze has now become a credit/coupon. They will gladly refund the $650.00 but not the $1000. You either book another cruise or forfeit the $1000. A lot o
  4. He did not give any details just "they are working on it" as Cruise_Addict posted above, This is old news......to some
  5. I specifically asked John Heald and he said yes, they are working on it.
  6. According to Heald, Carnival is working on a new level between Gold and Platinum, and Platinum and Diamond. Not sure how that would work?
  7. I was on the Breeze last month, there was shampoo and shower gel in the dispensers, (not Elemis) and all we got was a small bar of elemis hand soap and a scrub from the spa (for one person)
  8. I think it means if the TA orders a "gift' to be delivered to you FROM them as a perk. Which is fine but why penalize the guests who want to order for themselves? I say cut the delivery fee out for everyone. Give the TA's the 20% break.
  9. Evidently Carnival has given TA's a break when it comes to ordering gifts through the funshop. No delivery fee AND 20%off. Maybe I should get a TA . Thoughts anyone ? Personally I think everyone should have the discount.
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