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  1. My original post is yes...4 years old...hard to believe! But my most recent addition discussing my new cruise adventure on this thread was 2 days ago or so. It was fun reading back through some of my old thoughts on the subject...the excitement level is still the same however! :cool:
  2. Travelnerd44 here...its been awhile...and I can't believe I found this thread that I started so long ago!!!! Your responses were so fun to read again!!!!! Anyway, my plans to go on my second cruise were delayed a few years because I decided to go back to school and finish my degree once all my kids were out of diapers. And I did. Yayyy! :cool: So as a graduation gift to myself...guess what I'm doing...going on a cruise!!! Finally!!! So far my complaints are that I have to wait until February, and all the bathing suits I took on my last cruise are too big so I have to buy new ones. Hate when that happens its so annoying. ;p For all of you who responded before and I didn't get back to...sorry for the delay. Happy cruising all! I've got some reading to catch up on!
  3. Awe man...when the water isn't wet enough...I HATE when that happens! ;)