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  1. chris_kelowna

    C-Pap Machine in cabin

    Thanks for the link! So easy to fill out!
  2. chris_kelowna

    Website pain

    I can't even log on at all! It is telling me We're unable to complete your request, so please try again later. How frustrating!
  3. chris_kelowna

    Pretzels and Snacks

    On the Allure I once saw a woman walking away from the Park Cafe with a carrier bag chock full of small bags of chips. She had cleaned them out! None left for anyone else. Boo
  4. chris_kelowna

    How to avoid Room Service Charge

    We have sometimes asked our waiter for a cheese plate to take to our room. He/she puts a dome on it and we're set. Now I find they have a much nicer selection of cheeses in the Windjammer so we just go up there and get some to take to our room. I cover the plate with a napkin for the trip to the room.
  5. Hi Michelle, There was no noise at all from the elevators or the restaurants - none. We could hear the music from the Centrum (or whatever the middle thing is called!) though, quite loud at times. But it's all over before 11 pm. We loved that cabin and the big deck was beautiful. Enjoy your cruise.
  6. chris_kelowna

    Keto friendly coffee

    I've done two transatlantic cruise while keeping keto. Except for the whipping cream for coffee, it was very easy. Our waiters in the dining room were excellent at leaving off the potatoes, rice etc and bringing extra broccoli or green beans etc. Escargot is a great starter - all that yummy butter! They also have no sugar added ice cream in the dining room. I figure it's a cruise so I should cut myself a little slack. The Windjammer was particularly good for keto - so many choices. Enjoy your cruise!
  7. chris_kelowna

    Hotel recommendations in Barcelona

    We've stayed at the Ciutat del Prat for only one night - no minimum
  8. chris_kelowna

    Hotel recommendations in Barcelona

    We have sailed out of Barcelona twice and both times used the Ciutat del Prat hotel. It is not central at all but in quite a nice residential area. They offer a package deal where they will pick you up from the airport and take you to the port, right to your ship. Breakfast was included and was a wonderful treat - all the usual culprits of a continental breakfast plus many meats, cheeses, great pastries. We have eaten dinner there once when our plane was quite late arriving and the hotel restaurant was decent. There are a couple of nice bistro restaurants within close walking distance and a small convenience store across the street. I don't believe it's far from the metro.
  9. We did one Princess cruise a very long time ago and since then have done mostly Royal Caribbean. Most of those ships have lost their outside dining areas in favour of more suites. That outside dining is something I love and I regret the loss. Do any of the Princess ships have outside dining areas?
  10. The coffee shop on the sixth floor, I think. Overlooks the centrum, has great coffee for a fee and fantastic complimentary pastries. Few nice over sized chairs looking out at the water.
  11. chris_kelowna

    Fitness & swimming on Celebrity cruises.

    I've been swimming three times a week for the last six years. I'm no stranger to chlorinated swimming pools. I rinse my suit every time I use it, and have retained some suits for years. This was waaaayy beyond the norm. My utility swimsuit is a TYR. Those suckers last forever, this was not a TYR. Sent from my SM-T113 using Tapatalk
  12. chris_kelowna

    Fitness & swimming on Celebrity cruises.

    You will want too be careful about what bathing suit you bring. Last cruise -on RCI - I bought a lovely new suit because i was going on a cruise. The pool was salt water, extremely salty, and it ate my suit! Not sure what the problem was but the bottom of my new tankini was see through by the third or fourth day and the top had lost all elasticity. I will not be buying any fancy new bathing suits for a cruise anytime soon! Sent from my SM-T113 using Tapatalk
  13. Thanks for the entertaining and informative review.
  14. chris_kelowna

    Heathrow Hotel

    OUCH! Thanks for backing up my recommendation Globaliser! LOL I am from Canada and I can tell you that Hoppa is not known here for being 'the world's most hated and reviled hotel transfer service'! I guess I assume that a lot of people are looking for value when they make a request, and for that reason I stand by my suggestion of the Premier Inn. We have never paid more than 49 pounds for a night there. That is extremely good value in my view, for a very clean, spacious (by English standards) room. Especially when compared to 175 pounds for the Victorian Elegance of the Hilton at Paddington. Wherever you stay fitznorton, I hope you enjoy beautiful London.
  15. Most of our cruises have been on RCI and we have attained Platinum status. Our next cruise - to Antarctica! - will be on Celebrity Infinity. Celebrity has granted us Select status because of our RCI status. Will we accumulate RCI points on the Infinity? That will push us a little closer to Emerald. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!