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  1. How do you know which movie will be shown on a certain boat? Going on Horizon during September.
  2. Anyone else feeling uneasy about the Dominican Republic port of La Romana? We have a cruise scheduled on the Horizon coming up and we were excited about the excursion we had planned thru Carnival (beach including drinks/food). John Heald posted today on facebook reassuring passengers that DR Amber Cove is totally safe, but he refuses to mention his passengers on La Romana. I think Carnival should re-route La Romana cruise ships to Amber Cove for the safety of their guests. We have never been to DR before. How does everyone feel about the current situation and would you get off the ship?
  3. II would just bring all the legal documentation that shows all those names are her. Last cruise my daughter booked by her married last name, but her passport was still under her maiden name (drivers license was married name). I had a picture of her marriage license on my phone that tied the two together and we had no problem. They did ask to see the phone with the marriage license photo. If your bank has a free notary, maybe even have a notarized statement of her legal names and all variations.
  4. Can anyone tell me if there is any free "flavored" water (like Royal Caribbean has) on the Vista? I know there is water and lemonade free at the drinks spots, but can't remember if there is also a flavored water? I recently gave up pop so I will be relying on the free drinks and lemonade is a little too sweet/sugary to drink a lot of. Also I have read that the Havana Retreat is open to everyone after 7 PM. Can anyone confirm that? We are trying a different area of the ship and have a balcony on deck 2 forward. Anyone stayed near it and have opinions? Rough sailing? I have also read that elevators have more of a wait on the Vista and am wondering if that will be a problem being that low? Matt Mitcham is our CD. Anyone had him? Our favorite of all time is The Flying Scotsman Chris so hoping Matt is as much fun as him! Any other tips or things we should know? Thanks so much!
  5. We signed up for My Family Time Dining for our upcoming cruise (on Liberty of the Seas). It sounds perfect as my grandson can eat in the main dining room with us then they pick him up at the table and take him to Aquanauts! (My Family Time Dining is offered for the first seating time in our main dining room, for children ages three to 11. Kids enjoy their meal within 40 minutes of seating, before heading to the evening's Adventure Ocean activities. The program starts the second evening you're onboard.)
  6. The aquanauts program on Liberty of the Seas is free, is that correct? Thanks in advance!
  7. My grandson is 4 and fully potty trained. Do I need to take swim diapers for him to do Splashaway Bay on Liberty of the Seas?
  8. Has anyone done the Las Palmas Beach Club excursion in Roatan (We will be on Royal Caribbean)? It is $29 each and wondering if this is a decent beach excursion? There will be 6 of us (youngest 4, then adults) , so would prefer not to spend $100+ each for a beach day. Thanks!
  9. Has anyone done the Las Palmas Beach Club excursion in Roatan? It is $29 and wondering if this is a decent beach excursion? There will be 6 of us, so would prefer not to spend $100+ each for a beach day. Thanks!
  10. Has anyone stayed at a hotel in Galveston for a park and cruise? Would like to stay in Galveston before the cruise and leave the car at the hotel. Thanks.
  11. What hotels has anyone used for a park and cruise in Galveston? We will have 2 cars and prefer to leave them at the hotel while we are gone for a week.
  12. Does anyone know if Liberty of the Seas has the freestyle machine now?
  13. Is VOOM the same as on other cruise lines that you can share it but only one device can be logged on at a time? So if I go to use it and someone else is logged on, it gives me the option of kicking them off and I can use it. If so, you can all use one VOOM package and sent a Facebook Messenger to all your preset up group of travelers....then log off...each one that logs on would see the message of meeting up or whatever.
  14. If I buy the soda package, I can also choose free bottles of water? Is that what I am reading? Thanks
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