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  1. We normally have regular balcony. We did a cove balcony on one cruise and I didn't enjoy it. Balcony was smaller and was completely WET the entire time. Not like little moist...it was wet. We had to wipe off the railing anytime we wanted to stand outside or dry the chairs if we wanted to sit. Only good thing was it was the only cruise we saw dolphins while in the middle of nowhere in the ocean. We were standing on the balcony and dolphins were jumping near the ship. Other than that..it wasn't good at all. We won't do it again.
  2. We normally cruise 3 to 4 times a year. It is our getaway from life (work, cell phones, electronics, aging parents). I truly miss it. I really took for granted the calmness that a weeks cruise brought me....and it kept me going until the next one about 3 months later. I haven't had a vacation in a year. Haven't been able to "score" the vaccination. So it seems like I am "stuck" on a hamster wheel of doing basically nothing but work. So the only boat I personally am on is the struggle boat. 😞
  3. If you had multiple who canceled their "rooms" as you said...all you have to do is when making reservations, put the drinkers all in one room/room. Book a room/rooms with the non drinkers. (if you have 2 couples going and staying a couple in each room, if the guys drink and the girls don't, book the guys together in one room and the girls together in another room) Once you get on the boat, get a courtesy key card for each one the room they want to be in. Our PVP always books our rooms the cheapest way with kids/adults then we get courtesy keys so each can sleep in whatever room.
  4. My friend got an email this morning that her May cruise is canceled (either Galveston or New Orleans..I can't remember which). Is there new cancelations out today? (ETA: I am almost positive she said it was Vista and the first or second week of May)
  5. Thank you for your reply and your experiences! It will be a fun experience for us, I think! We enjoy his sense of humor and his bluntness. We've had some good CD's with The Flying Scottsman probably my favorite. We had Matt Mitchum and he wasn't our favorite. We had others that were so blah, I really don't remember their names. Thanks again for the reply!
  6. It went from green to red, so it did have everything in order. I had read the reasons it "could" be red but it tends to make me think it isn't paperwork related because of the change in status.
  7. Thank you for the details! I hadn't read those yet (been busy with a snow and ice storm since we booked!).
  8. Anyone else booked on the cruise with John for next year?! We are booked on it and looking forward to it! We've never been on one of his cruises and are excited to go. Anyone have any tips on it or things they do different?
  9. As long as you have the documents to connect the two names (marriage certificate original copy showing maiden name to married name) she should be allowed to board if her booking name is maiden and her ID (passport/drivers license) is married name. Make sure you take original documents. I would call ahead to my PVP and get it changed. This is the reason we use a PVP...we have a person that will take care of us. (My daughter sailed with us and her passport was still maiden name but her booking name was married name. I had taken a picture of her marriage certificate and had it on my phone.
  10. Oh...I'd LOVE to take my chances on a ship given the chance! I'd wear my mask, get my vaccine and enjoy my balcony! But...if the example you give of 3 with the virus on the ship, given the close quarters and shared areas of a ship, that 3 would turn very quickly into hundreds, so I doubt the CDC will let cruising begin anytime soon. I am READY as soon as they let us! We have 2 booked right now and hoping for no more cancellations. I still believe in cruising and Carnival! I should get the vaccine next week (by looking at the amount they are giving weekly and my number....I am about 240
  11. How in the world will we ever be able to cruise again if they can't keep the COVID off of boats with only minimal crew on them!?! The Mardi Gras and Pride currently are having problems. This stinks! Crew Disembarkations through Commercial Travel | CDC
  12. What are everyone's thoughts about being on the very first Panorama cruise when they start back up? We've had it booked for awhile and I'm torn. Safe? Not safe? Or do you think it will be canceled anyway? Thanks in advance...
  13. I am researching the Steakhouse dress code. It says "cruise casual". So am I correct that denim and a collared shirt is acceptable for a male?
  14. Anyone heard anything on what (if anything) will happen to the upcoming cruises on the Glory? Hoping ours isn't canceled or if they are going to, they do it soon so we can make alternate plans.
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