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  1. I am trying to determine whether there is a sauna or steam room that is available which is not part of the spa package. I think other ships still have "free" saunas but I specifically want to know if this is the case with the Carnival Vista. Charging to use a sauna never happened in the first 20 years of our cruising, but now I have to ask! Thanks!
  2. I've been on both of these ships. I tend to like NCL more than Carnival because carnival is redundant across the entire fleet. All rooms look identical and the activities are identical across the fleet. They do have nice ships but I definitely prefer the Breakaway. The NCL ships each have different shows and many of their ships are different because they have different "classes" of ship. The Carnival Improv is good, but after a number of cruises I have started seeing the same comics. I have seen the same shows on Carnival for a long time. So the entertainment is not as good to me. For kids though, I think either would work. I do think Carnival is very family friendly, but we raised our kid on cruise vacations and he went on more NCL cruises and always had a blast. My last cruise was on the Breakaway and my next one is on a Carnival. We primarily choose Carnival since they leave out of a port that is only 90 minutes away. The closest NCL port to us is about 7 hours away if driving. We do prefer to drive as we can pack more easily and flying is simply not fun. So as an adult, I would say I prefer NCL overall. Their specialty restaurants are mostly good (Italian is just so-so) but we love to eat at the many varied restaurants onboard and their entertainment is a cut above Carnival. We have taken more than 20 NCL cruises and more than a dozen Carnival if that helps.
  3. On our last NCL cruise we also signed up for dinner with the officers. I was very excited about this, until.... we were assigned to the Art Auction Manager/Auctioneer. I was kind of deflated since he is not an employee of NCL technically, but of Park West. I was truly expecting it to be "an officer" of the ship who has stripes. I had questions ready for that scenario. As others have mentioned, they also corralled us in the atrium where people were having to literally yell the roll call for the various groups due to a boisterous game show going on in the atrium. Nevertheless, we still had nice company except for one disgruntled lady who griped for the entire dinner about any and every little thing that was wrong in her opinion. No wonder why officers don't want to dine with passengers if it is two solid hours of gripes!
  4. On all but our last cruise we have had waiters bring drinks to the hot tub. I generally don't use it much (we have one at home), but hubby does. Having a drink and visiting for a little while is nice. Just don't bring glass into it. Why should it matter if someone has a drink in their hand in the hot tub as long as they aren't kids or drunk? I don't see why anyone would care. It isn't like someone smoking in the hot tub which would be uncomfortable for the nonsmokers as they would have to breathe that in. While I don't care, it will matter to him. What I really wish is that they would ban smoking in the casino. I like to play but can't stand being around the smoke and dragging that smell on your clothes back to the cabin.
  5. This was my first cruise in summer of 1986 for our honeymoon. My husband had been on one with his family before we were married two years earlier on the Song of Norway. We had a teeny tiny inside cabin. The bed was turned sideways as you entered the room and was against the wall. The width of the room was just slightly longer than the bed by maybe 2-4 inches as I recall. I wonder if it was even 100 square feet! We had done fishing charters and I loved boats in general, so this cruise ship seemed magnificent to me. I found the information that was in effect on our cruise from 86. The prices per the brochure started at 895 and topped out at 2055 per person. Back then they had three prices depending on the departure date. You could get a nominal savings by booking early of from 50-150 dollars. This was pre-internet, so most all bookings went through real brick and mortar travel agents. I believe our fare (inside tiny cabin) was 2530.00 total ( next to the cheapest rate available) for a seven day cruise from Miami leaving on Sunday to Puerta Plata, St. Thomas, San Juan, and Nassau. I kept that printed information from the cruise brochure. I have a Honeymoon document from the line and also still have the gold picture of the Southward that maybe everyone got. I won the women's skeet (trap) shooting off the side of the boat which I really enjoyed. I have the trophy picture and everything. The ship had seven public decks and had a gross tonnage of 16,609. Completely full it would carry up to 767 passengers with 300 crew. It states that it's maiden voyage was December 21, 1969 per my NCL brochure document. Looking at a photo of her now, she looks like an overgrown yacht compared to current cruise ships. Fast forward to today and we are about to take our 40th (or maybe 41st) cruise; I'd have to look at our list. And this time it will be on the Bliss. That first cruise on this wonderful ship was what began a love of cruising!! I went back and looked at those pictures tonight from going on 33 years ago. Wow....good times!
  6. I just bought a set of metal straws with silicon for our upcoming trip too. We were on the Breakaway in December and it was hard to drink those fru-fru drinks without a straw! I found myself missing straws for the slushie drinks, so we are gonna metal-straw it this time.
  7. We have the airfare and will be going out on American and back on United.
  8. For my upcoming 15 day cruise our service charges add up to 1.072.50. That is room grats for our outside cabin and bar grats plus extra fees for the specialty restaurants for the grats. I don't drink that much, so the average tip per drink for me comes out to about 5-10 bucks or so per drink. (I only drink about 2-4 a day on a shorter vacation, and some days I won't drink at all since it is a longer cruise). I used to add more but after adding up how much my gratuities/service charges are, I will not be adding any more to my cruise. We don't have any ongoing special requests of the steward and our room is easy to clean as we are neat. Almost 1100.00 for service charges seems enough for me. Comes out to 71.50 per day in tips for two of us times 15 days. Oh, and grats are going up April 1st on NCL, so it will be more after that date.
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