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  1. Another ship trip

    What was your upgrade offer and what did you bid

    Thanks for the information. Yes it does ease the concerns! I will wait patiently. If I get the upsell, great. If not, I will just be a little more cramped and my bathing suits won't dry as fast.
  2. Another ship trip

    What was your upgrade offer and what did you bid

    I have never had the banner. I just found the email and bid from there. I wonder if I should call someone to be sure that I am not missing something. I have stalked the page every day for the last week hoping to see something. But haven't yet. I do show bids though by logging into the email. Never on the NCL site though.
  3. Another ship trip

    What was your upgrade offer and what did you bid

    I have never had the banner, or if I did, I never recall seeing it. I found the email and bid through the email. Since I have never had the banner on my login site, I am beginning to wonder if my bid is even real. It does show up when I check the email, but that is the only way I have ever been able to access my bid. Has anyone else experienced this? I booked through a TA if that matters.
  4. Another ship trip

    Baseball caps in restaurants

    I didn't say I was judging. But there are plenty who are. I have way better things to do than to worry about others' apparel. I stopped wearing formal wear on NCL when they relaxed the requirement. When I am on vacation, I am going to dress comfortably. That said, I will still adhere to a dress code for a restaurant if one has been posted. That's all.
  5. Another ship trip

    How Many Times Have You Went On The Same Ship?

    We have been on the Spirit 5 times, the Sun 3 times, the Windward, which became Wind twice, the Jewel twice, the Dawn twice, Carnival Magic 3 times, and Breeze twice. The reason we have repeated ships has more recently been because the ship was located in a port within convenient driving distance, and a couple of times it was itinerary driven. We have done 12 trips from Galveston since it is only 1.5 hours away. (NCL come back to Galveston!) The main thing I don't like about repeating a ship is the shows never changing. For example, how hard would it be for Second City to have several shows and change it up? On my last Carnival trip, one of the comedians on the ship did the same show three nights in a row ( that's just lazy) while others had completely new shows each night. And the dance shows--especially on Carnival are the same on many ships which is a negative. I take different ships and get the same dang show! For me, that is not a plus. My next cruise is on the Breakaway and am really looking forward to this new ship (to me) with new shows and experiences for us. Our itinerary will be all repeat ports we have been to many times, but really looking forward to the new ship.
  6. Another ship trip

    Baseball caps in restaurants

    Typically if there is a dress code for a nice restaurant, ball caps are on the no-no list. Cruise ships have a dress code to promote a certain ambiance and decorum. I was schooled in general etiquette as a kid and caps or hats, especially for men were inappropriate at the dining table. Don't get me wrong...I wear caps or hats ashore or outside on cruises to help keep the sun off my face and to keep my scalp from burning, but a ball cap in a nice dining venue at dinner is something at which Miss Manners (for those of us who remember that column), would wag a disapproving finger. (not THAT finger!) "Don't wear your hat in the house" was a rule. Over the decades, it is my observation that the younger generations may not be aware of dinner etiquette--many don't even sit down to dinner with their families, so who will teach them? Fashion requirements have definitely relaxed over the years though, and likely will continue. That said, if you defy the requested dress code at a restaurant or any specific venue, some passengers will take note and make their judgments accordingly. Thus the thousands of posts on dress code topics on this board will continue ad nauseam.
  7. Another ship trip

    Picture packages

    We quit doing the portraits on cruises when packages are not offered, so we wait until our next NCL cruise (or other line) and buy the package when offered, plus we get a platinum discount. But to be honest, we have hundreds of photos from past cruises, and after a while they all start to look the same. (though still nicely done). We will usually buy the embarkation photo for our scrapbook or one photo we like (maybe two). and that's it....but apparently Carnival has done the math and it is more profitable to charge for their photos one at a time. If it is your first cruise, or a big family cruise, or if you have kids, the line is pretty sure you will want to buy lots of photos.
  8. Another ship trip

    just off miracle had great time BUT

    It appears they need to hire supervisors who can monitor the bad behavior of the handlers. This could easily be reined in with appropriate management. (like they will spend an extra buck on that!) I think these guys may be Union. I realize they must handle several thousand bags, but that's no excuse. Did you say anything while you were there to anyone in charge? I look forward to your video.
  9. Another ship trip

    Does the Breeze have an Alchemy bar?

    You are kidding! We just booked this one assuming that it had that bar since it is the same class as Magic. May not get the bar package now.
  10. Another ship trip

    Carnival Miracle - Dress Code clarification please!!

    WE are getting close to our 40th cruise. We dressed to the 9's for about the first 30 or so. We have hundreds of dress-up photos over the last 30 years, so we are all about comfort on vacation. I have to dress professionally every day for work. On vacay I am going to be as comfy as I want to be. I promise not to wear shorts, cutoffs, flip-flops, nor tennies to dinner.
  11. Another ship trip

    NCL photo packages discount for platinum members??

    well it sounds like the official answer is no, but some have gotten the discount on board. Not too clear. If I order pre-cruise I get a couple more photos. But if I wait, I might get a discount but no extra pics. Hmmmm......what to do?
  12. I see that I can now buy photo packages. I am platinum and am wondering if I can buy the package on board are receive my 25% off the package. An old poster said they did this, and a more recent post negates this. I am on the Dawn this month and am wanting to know if anyone has seen or experienced this. Thanks!!
  13. Another ship trip

    Whats your Karaoke song?

    I agree with the upbeat or fun songs. The ballads run me off! I ant to have fun rather than cry in my drink!
  14. Liquor like Crown is about half price from the home price; however, since Texas implemented a liquor tax of 3.30-4.00 a bottle, it makes the cheaper liquors such as rum not worth the effort to bring back for just a couple of bucks savings. I see the cosmetic prices are the same as home, i.e. Estee Lauder. You just don't pay tax. Not worth the effort unless you ran out. I would wait for the free gift events at home.