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  1. No she will not, its only for anyone in the room who is 21 and over
  2. I just called and did it, just told them hubby doesn't drink so they gave me the refreshment package for him, all is well! Thanks everyone!
  3. DO you guys know if they allow you to just do a soda package for the other person or does it have the more expensive Refreshment package?
  4. great, thank you 🙂 I'll have to call them. I have heard some people say they've called and they said no
  5. We are going on Anthem in September, we've been on RC cruise including Anthem many times, but I am contemplating a premium drink package for the first time, I know they require all people in the cabin to purchase the package, I have read that people have called and they have given you a Refreshment Package for a person instead, my husband doesn't really drink so two drink packages are def way too expensive, I was just wondering, do they still do this, meaning give one person a premium and the other a refreshment package? What reasons do people give to have them do it? Ideally I would love to get a Premium and just a soda package, but I'm sure they wouldn't do that. Any advice would be great, thanks in advance!
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