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  1. No comparison with Half Moon The beach is maybe 50 yards wide and rocky. We avoid Princess cay or if we have to go there stay on the ship, not a beach port but a cabana look at the view port. JMO Princess cay would remind me of the beach at Tygart Lake 🙂 Yep from Fairmont Originally 🙂
  2. Why not just follow their rules? Just saying.
  3. Seasoned cruiser also have sailed on the Horizon Service was very good considering the number of people on board vs number of crew. no problem there. Do not count on getting into the comedy club unless you go at least 30 to 45 min early. 30 min for showroom. We are dropping back to the dream class ship mainly the Magic. nearly the same itinerary, less expensive and not as crowded. JMO
  4. Do a google search for Cruise Line Drink Package Calculator, might be what you need to answer your question.
  5. actually it would be nice if Carnival hired a 10 yr old to help them make the web site easier to use.. I think they make it hard to find so you don not price check
  6. Dont forget to turn off auto time zone on your cell phone or it will change to island time.
  7. Call your PVP they will tell you how best to proceed may be able to get it if you contact them first.. We have done this in the past.
  8. You call room service when you get to your room and it is 3.45 a gallon brought right to the room.
  9. This forum will surely help but this is why I always recommend using a PVP that can answer all your questions and help you make the right selections at the time of booking. If you booked on line call and ask for a pvp . Enjoy your cruise.
  10. You get a letter in your stateroom laying out the ships way and meeting place for the tender priority... Different ships do it different ways..
  11. call a good pvp and see what you need to do. That is why we always use a pvp, they handle any and all problems, well at least ours does. Good Luck
  12. Sounds like a planed event to play a corp. to get a cheap vacation.
  13. Yes we use auto pay also but if around pay it a couple days early. one time it didn't post but our PVP got it all straightened out with no problems or additional cost.
  14. Have had it before and it compares to the old dial up speed. I Just wait until the island and use wifi.
  15. just off glory select a crew member each day and ask them to participate and have your group get an autograph of the crew member.
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