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  1. Did you return to the hotel from the port, or go to the airport from the port? Thanks.
  2. Pretty awesome! Guessing you're a travel agent then? I have vague memories of "Super Shuttle"? Picked it up at the airport to the hotel and bought the rest of the rides from the driver with a voucher system? Am I remembering Cape Liberty or another port. Thanks for all the help.
  3. Anthem, May 6 2017. Planning on coming in to EWR the day prior, and back out the day the ship returns. So shuttle to hotel, shuttle to port then shuttle back to airport. Thanks.
  4. If anyone still monitors this thread some update info would be nice. Been a while since Cape Liberty was on my schedule. I remember staying somewhere in Elizabeth, across from a big mall but don't remember the exact transportation deals. Shuttled from airport to hotel, then hotel to port and port to airport on the return. Any tips would be nice. Smooth sailing all.
  5. ChoosinCruisin

    Ground Transport PC cruise terminal to MCO

    [quote name='Mrs.Hurly']IndyCapt - - You had an 11:30 am departure? Can you please tell me what you did to ensure that you made your flight on time? Was it on a Saturday? My TA is *strongly* advising against it, and I think, from other people, it is totally "do-able", just need to figure out HOW. :p I am thinking about doing a local snooze, cruise package that in part will shuttle from the port back to the airport, just hoping it will be sufficient time wise.[/QUOTE] Really hoping that my interpretation of snooze/cruise is one night hotel stay pre-cruise, shuttle to port is what you are referring to? Can you tell me what hotels offer this? There is a family group travelling in July with one night pre-cruise who needs hotel and shuttles all the way around for the Carnival Valor. Thanks.
  6. ChoosinCruisin

    CAPE LIBERTY 411 - Version 3!

    Just found out I'll be on the Quantum for the January 3 sailing. YAY! It's been years since I've sailed out of Cape Liberty; can anyone put in a nutshell the outline for getting from whatever hotel Priceline picks for me (and what area to choose) and if I can just grab a cab back to EWR? Thanks much fellow sailors. Too soon to pack?
  7. Enjoy your cruise and keep her clean for me, I board the 18th! =0)
  8. ChoosinCruisin

    Whale Watching Dilemma - And Planning my Day in Juneau.

    Thanks Sue, my group's trip is 2014 also. Orca hasn't responded to emails. If you learn anything further I'd appreciate it if you passed it along; I'll do the same. =0)
  9. ChoosinCruisin

    Whale Watching Dilemma - And Planning my Day in Juneau.

    Sue, have you come across any other whale watching tour companies that offer accessible boats? Would appreciate any info you have. =0)
  10. [quote name='Leejnd4']I wasn't going to comment on this thread - I was just reading it for information, as I don't happen to know anyone on this cruise. But this post really rubbed me the wrong way. I get SERIOUSLY tired of people like Jetdriver who seem to want to attack anyone who has a bad thing happen to them, because their "bad thing" apparently doesn't measure up to what our glorious soldiers fighting for freedom are dealing with. That seems to be the theme: how dare you complain, and how DARE anyone offer you their good wishes, because hey, look at what our soldiers are going through! This just came up in another cruise-related scenario: I had a friend on that Carnival ship that floated off the Mexican coast for several days. Our local paper did a story on my friends, bringing to light how they were making lemons out of lemonade during that trying ordeal. Well, the comments thread after that article was filled with people calling them "spoiled whiners" because they were disappointed their vacation was ruined. Here's an example of the types of comments: Comparing either situation to our armed forces is simply illogical and moronic. It reminds me of jerks who think they can make someone feel better about their misfortune by reminding them that others have it worse. “I feel awful, I’ve got the flu.” “Yeah, well, you should be grateful. You could have cancer.” “I’ve got Cancer.” “Quit complaining – some people get leprosy.” “My mom just died.” “I know someone whose baby died.” “My baby just died.” “Well I know someone whose whole family died.” “My whole family just died.” “Yeah, well, too bad – what about the people in Africa whose entire villages were murdered?” See how stupid that is? And the whole concept that we should "save our thoughts and prayers" only for our armed forces is also stupid. Are we really not allowed to feel bad for people whose vacation was ruined, just because some people in other parts of the world have it worse? Is there a threshold at which point someone deserves good thoughts, prayers and empathy? Perhaps Jetdriver has a limit on the number of thoughts and prayers he/she has. Well, I don't. My ability to feel empathy, and send good thoughts and prayers out to people in difficult circumstances, is unlimited. By the way, I have a son in the Army. I send LOTS of thoughts and prayers his way. Doesn't keep me from sending thoughts and prayers to the passengers who went through this nightmare. I wish the best of luck to all of you passengers on that hellish cruise, and I hope you are all able to make it back to Egypt. I'm booked on a cruise next October with an overnight stay in Alexandria. I'm taking my Mom, who is in her 70's and is becoming increasingly medically fragile. This will probably be our last trip together, and certainly her only chance to see the pyramids - the last big place on her bucket list. If this had happened to us, we would be heartbroken.[/QUOTE] This is the most well thought out post I have ever seen online. Wouldn't it be nice if everyone thought long and hard about what they say and the ripple effect their words may have. My deep appreciation to this poster.
  11. ChoosinCruisin

    IOS shut out of San Juan?

    Per the new itinerary: DAY PORT ARRIVAL DEPARTURE Wednesday San Juan, Puerto Rico 8:00 a.m. 8:00 p.m.. Thursday Philipsburg, St. Maarten 7:00 a.m. 6:00 p.m. Friday At sea Saturday At sea Sunday Port Everglades 7:00 a.m.
  12. ChoosinCruisin

    IOS shut out of San Juan?

    Emailed with a crewmember and yes, they were shut out due to weather conditions. They diverted to St. Thomas yesterday and are in San Juan today. St. Martin tomorrow.
  13. ChoosinCruisin

    25, 14, 2 and 20,000!

    Buy a lottery ticket!
  14. ChoosinCruisin

    Breaking news: Carnival legend collides with rccl ship!

    Sorry if this was already covered, but does anyone know who the current Captain is on the Enchantment? Thanks all.