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  1. This morning we received another surprise from P&O they reimbursed us into our account the £120 that we had previously paid to book our two seats on the aircraft. I had actually written this one off because we were originally informed that this was definitely lost and I accepted it. I would now like to thank P&O for their generosity towards us and for all the help and assistance they have provided over the last few weeks. Thank you
  2. Just to thank everyone for their support and help that I received on this thread . After quite a few anxious days between telephone calls and e-mails to P&O and with the assistance from my TA (who stepped in and took over completely) my TA received an e-mail earlier today informing her that P&O had relooked at my original request and overturned their decision are now allowing me to transfer our Azura Cruise from November 2018 for 12 months. Our son will now rebook this cruise for November 2019. Our spirits have been lifted up a bit and thank P&O for showing compassion towards us and we greatly appreciate the effort that they made to accommodate our request. Without the help,support and advice from everyone on this thread we were ready just to give up, but because of all of your help we pursued the issue further. Thank you all for the compassion that you have shown to myself and my family throughout this very difficult time for us. Myself and my family sincerely thank you all and our sincere best wishes go out to all of you. Regards Pat
  3. Kalos did what you suggested and they provided me with e-mail address that I required,however they were not prepared to address my issue because I had not dealt with P&O direct but used TA. Thank you. Pennbank, I had already telephoned P&O but unfortunately they referred me back to my TA to address the issue because I had not dealt with P&O direct. Thank you for your assistance. e-mail sent direct to P&O and copy to TA
  4. Could anyone please supply me with the customer services department at P&O so I can send an urgent e-mail to them. Thanks for any assistance in this matter.
  5. Hi Mickey. Thank you for that advice, completely forgot about that and as P &O did not inform me about that I never gave it a thought. I have just realised that the 50% refund is actually what I was trying to sell our cruise for so my next move now is that I will contact P&O tomorrow , as you say I have till the 6th September to get at least 50% back Better than nothing. Thank you Mickey, you have provided excellent advice in the past and now once again . Much appreciated Pat
  6. Hello Kathy, no you are not talking nonsense you have put a lot of thought into this and I thank you so much for your input. However, P& O will not allow us to postpone till next year. My TA enquired as to why they would not allow this change and they categorically stated not on this occasion with no explanation as to why not. To add insult to injury we actually received an e-mail from P&O today to inform us that our flight seats which we picked, booked and paid for in advance have been changed due to seemingly change of aircraft ( which can happen) but they never even gave us the opportunity to pick other seats so what was the point in booking and paying for seats in advance, just told us we had been moved and allocated seats. I honestly am loosing faith in P&O and and don’t have the time or energy to have any more contact with them. As a sweetener they informed me that should we wish to change names of passengers that there would be no fee for this, I was already aware of this because we booked a Select Fare and in the terms and conditions it states no fee would be applicable if we required to change names. So sorry about me ranting on , I do apologise.
  7. Slugsta, in the overall picture of things the cruise really does not matter it was just a thought about selling our cruise because P&O have been very unhelpful. as we have paid the cruise in full and I did request to P&O they transfer this cruise to another one next year 2019 and requested that my son and his partners name be transferred over to the 2019 booking but unfortunately P&O have stated NO. However, their name could be changed to this cruise on Azura in November but under the circumstances that is not possible as I explained to them but P&O they are not interested even though we have previously cruised with them on 40 cruises before. So it was a last resort to try and sell our cruise. Thanks for your best wishes.
  8. groove chick, thank you so much for your kind words we appreciate it very much.
  9. yamanid, thank you so much your assistance is very much appreciated. Thank you for your kindness and best wishes.
  10. Peter and Jenny Zombatar, I have not yet searched for the Transfer Travel site but will try tomorrow. Thank you
  11. Gymbod, I am overwhelmed by the support and best wishes that I have received from yourselves and fellow cruisers on this thread. It is lovely to know that so many people are taking the time to think about me and my family. Thank you.
  12. Sandancer, So sorry for the spelling error of your avatar name I wrote Santander in error please accept my apology.
  13. Good evening yamanid thank you for your assistance in this matter but I don’t know if I am allowed to state name of my cruise on CC might be breaking CC rules and don’t wish to cause any unnecessary problems with CC. However if you browse through Guntree Glasgow under cruises yo will find all details there. Thank you.
  14. Santander, I have posted in on Gumtree Glasgow under cruises,Thank you for your kind thoughts and helpful suggestions.
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