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  1. I sure do go waaaaay back! ha! Been hooked ever since! Celebrity needs to always upgrade me to a suite! ha! And I was looking forward to the best days of cruising with retirement hitting same as covid. I think I'm ready to go again... take my chances... if I die, at least I will not have to hear another Covid/CDC/Politics debate! 🙂 I'm one of those that believes there is a better place than a cruise and one day I'll get there! PS.... fortunate to be covid survivor... getting 2nd shot on Friday. I do realize the seriousness of the disease. But don't call it living when you are isola
  2. ha! here I am! nothing better to do than remember the good old days of cruising. I've been on quite a few lines, not Costa, MSC, or Holland America. Easiest way to do this is say, find a good travel agent and really think through what you want and expect and communicate that... and read these boards! Here's my 2 cents: (all this will be an opinion and a reflection of an experience that can change due to many variables... and heads up, RCI gets most of my sailing time) Think of cruise lines like hotel chains that you like. You'll find Days Inn to Hyatt to Holiday Inn to Ritz Carlton
  3. sad times for cruise lines for sure... and all us cruisers. but it's not our livelihood, it just our vacation. don't know who to believe any more... CDC? why haven't they given approval if the industry has reworked so much stuff to avoid airborne illnesses. But that's for cruises leaving the US ports... your's is from Rome? another story there I guess. Cruise lines? have they really reworked stuff? maybe in the CDC's opinion it's still dangerous? I'm not sure why, with us all getting a vaccine? Why can people allowed to fly now? without distancing? Why can people stay in hotels?
  4. Definitely something to think about. CLIA used to insure payment to member cruise lines... way back. Can't find that on their website today. Did find this: "What if the cruise company declares bankruptcy? If your cruise line declares bankruptcy and the ship is departing from a US port, you'll be covered, says lawyer Christopher Kende. "There's a requirement under the Federal Maritime Commission that cruise lines put up a bond to secure what's called unearned passenger revenues," says Kende, a specialist in maritime law at the firm Cozen O'Connor. Even if the company is r
  5. This is one of my biggest pet peeves. Just because you haven't heard, doesn't mean info is incorrect. I also heard June 1st yesterday... so googled... https://www.foxnews.com/travel/coronavirus-closures-disney-resorts-bookings-june-1 +2
  6. I would like them to have consistency, so i don't have to research every ship. I gave them the consistency theory and was totally surprised no evening event for diamonds and above on empress. Ive been on plenty of ships who moved from diamond lounges to other locations to accommodate bigger numbers. So not having a diamond lounge didn't signify to me no nightly events. After my shock,i search, and i see it just happened to majesty sailing. They need a new classification on ships. Limited benefit ships. It should be emailed to every award member booking these ships as a caution with the
  7. Boarded with no real traffic issues. The tunnel is closed. That caused issues. Google didn't know it. Sooooo a little confusion. We were worried but drove down from west Palm beach. Easy except those drivers that don't value their lives. Plenty of those on the road.
  8. Wow! Looks awesome! Can you share how and where it was booked?
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