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  1. Been twice to Wrangell. Took a short tour around the very little town. Main interest was the petroglyphs. The beach where they are is walkable for the ship, although quite a distance. The issue, according to fellow guests, is that the petroglyphs are hard to pick out on a medium sized pebbled beach, so they missed them. We had a pair of hilarious local guides, who knew exactly where the petroglyphs were. Also a First Nations expert who met us downtown to guide us around the historic sites and sculptures. So worth taking a tour. Nice little local museum. Nothing that you won’t see in other small towns. Second time just took a short walk in town. Few tourist shops. Think I recall the craft/yarn shop! Neither time I was there was during peak salmon run, but I understand the tripmto the Anan bear observatory is worthwhile. And sells out fast.
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