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  1. i think "have it all" is for cruises next next year. from what i have seen is they do not apply to this year
  2. thank you. they all sound good. keep them coming. lol
  3. first time i have a drink package.since they changed the bar menu it does not list cocktails. please ell me your favorite. thank you
  4. no. it is on the westerdam. april 2021
  5. i would like to thank all of you for your input. i know you are waiting for my decision. lol i am 90% sure i am doing the FLL to BCN in april. the reasons are. it is not hurricane season it will be nice to go in the spring it is a 15 day cruise as opposed to a 14 day cruise. the time change is at sea. it is in april and and so sooner again thank you
  6. thank all of you for the reply's. i think i am more confused. i did have a transatlantic booked for november but that wash cancelled. that was a casino offer so i did not have a choice. i would really rather sail sooner than latter. God willing. i will think about it and reread the posts and let you know. thank you again
  7. thinking of tansatlantic cruise. which direction do you prefer and why?
  8. it took a couple of times to drink canada dry. i am going to try that was funny
  9. i started reading this thread recently and it is the first one i look for. don not stop!
  10. we were in cabin 4038 .the room seemed normal size, as to the view you could look straight out no obstruction. you can see life boats on either side but not in front of you. would book this cabin again
  11. https://book2.hollandamerica.com/secondaryFlow/gifts/packages/1557 this is the package i can purchase for my cruise in vovember
  12. i thought you could buy the package. $ 65.00 for the 3 restaurants.
  13. do you get a 4* discount on the package?
  14. wish i was back in ireland but a sorry state the bars are closing. enjoy paddy's day
  15. i know i should wait to post this but i am tried of covid 19 and would like to focus on my upcoming trip. we will be stoping in mallorca, cartagena, malaga, cadiz, lisbon and maderia. i think they are the usual ports. thank you
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