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  1. VMax1700 i would love to have boiled bacon can not get here. please raise a pint of murphy's for me
  2. i am one of the lurkers. i want to thank all of you for posting and posting your pictures. happy new year!!!
  3. thank you i was really looking forward to that cruise. i have had three cruises canceled and i just reached 4*. which ports did they rake away?
  4. i was looking at this cruise and now i do not see it listed. is it just me?
  5. thank you. i was afraid of that.
  6. do any hal ships still have dedicated movie theaters?
  7. small world!!! i got chills when i read that we had a b&b in ardfinnan from 1994 to 1999. it was called lady;s abbey. has your son been there long? would love to know how it is now
  8. thank you. i will monitor it.. by the way where in cork do you live? we were six years in south tipperary.
  9. thank you all for the information and the beautiful pictures. i think we will take public transportation so as to have as much time as we want there
  10. i will be going to amsterdam in april ( i hope) was wondering if anyone has been and what was your experience? thank you
  11. kazu i love looking at your plants. today i learned something from your pictures. i have liatris in my garden and did not know what it was. now if i do get deer i know they won't eat it/ thank you
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